Social Media Marketing SMM

Now we can choose between the five pages that more us relacionemos and give them greater visibility do friends Fanpage? More control for brands, will be administrator who decide the content of the wall, you can access the new Admin View option and see all publications at any time. Page and administrator will be on maintaining the social essence of the network, where reputations associated with brands are completely mesmerizing with the professionals who represent them. The merger between the social area and professional development is thanks to this newness of Facebook, even more efficient and will be the administrator who decides the friends who share the user and page at a rate of interest of the brand. Own notifications by e-mail, administrators may receive. And last but not least, content. Facebook streamlines access to the same due to the filters, users can define different lock types. Very efficient and many changes made by the social network or to the so intend to do so to see the community of marketers and social media managers-, a new aspect for which there will be as many opinions as tastes in relation to the visual, but undoubtedly will arise new applications that will make the paperwork a work much more simple. For the professionals of the Social Media Marketing SMM – the Elimination of the traditional limitations of a Fanpage, optimize any Marketing strategy online, applications expand utilities and features, but, aside from the classic applications there are some that allow us to optimize the page making it a very efficient tool.

According to all the studies, an appealing Landing Page will increase the percentage of conversion by 30% this can be carried out thanks Static FBML, an application that gives marketers the ability to modify the tabs in order to promote a campaign, a new product, a promotion bid to avoid the lack of access to the data on usersYou can use the ContacMe Thanks to this application you can establish contact to occur through an external e-mail address. Interesting but that you think if I tell you that Facebook is from months ago very advanced in the inclusion of virtual stores on any page, this is possible thanks to Ecwid an application that facilitates the social commerce. Let’s move through virtual stores, the truth is that the mobile web and the dizzying expansion which is experiencing, makes that concepts such as e-commerce, e-shops, contact forms, frequently asked questions, shopping cart will become essential for all brands that have opted for investments in marketing and online advertising in order to increase the business figures through their virtual shops. The new new Facebook corporate social network new utilities Fanpages of the social at the professional has an application that offers the possibility of having an area of FAQ in a tab of the page is called FAQPage, this It allows the consolidation of the branding associated with the brand, increases online reputation and allows users to have response to their requirements without leaving the Fanpage. Highly efficient applications with which the social network committed to increasing investments in advertising and marketing in social networks, optimize the investments that make brands providing them with utilities and applications that facilitate the consolidation of the business, other business success the success of brands is the success of the social network.