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But on the other hand, in the strata social inferior are who participated in these protests and are precisely they, more than anyone else who are able to answer about the motivation for them. Going to the perception of the economic situation only 33.6% of respondents sees how bad the current situation (in 2005, 57.9% considered bad situation and in 2003 did 62.3%). The poor consider the current situation as bad or very bad in a 34.4%, so it can be inferred that there has been a tangible improvement in the perception of the economic situation despite greater expressed discontent. Even detected an improvement in the optimism of the respondents those who only by 27.9 per cent consider that within a year the economic situation will be worse, when in July 2008 36.1% of respondents had such negative view. What the survey reveals is that the crisis has impacted unevenly on family finances. The richer only in a 19.1% population stratum has been worsen its economic situation, while at the other end, 45.5% sees the worst family situation that a year ago. These results have logic by the uneven impact of the crisis commonly hitting more to lower-income segments since they have less secure and informal labour sources.

I think that this survey by the University of Lima reinforces several concepts about the current management of the Government of Alan Garcia. The question of economic policy is not so much that population questions but lack of political tact and the little heard poorest population sectors. In one way or another, the population generally recognizes a improvement of the product of the current management situation. Probably, if the Government decides to make one greater effort to improve the situation of the poorest, the benefits would achieve would outweigh outperforms the economic costs that they sue them. The social calm that would make such a decision, would have benefits in terms of improvements in the economic context for investment, which would add to a political benefit (by a presidential image enhancement) and would represent also a stimulus for domestic consumption (given the high proportion to consume lower segments). On the other hand, Peru has fiscal capacity to increase allocations for the benefit of the poorest. Alan Garcia will take these elements into account? It is good time to invest in Peru through a new ETF launched recently, the Peru ETF (NYSE:EPU) Horacio Pozzo when the financial market is very upset, it is best to bet it safe, experts say.

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