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American kitchen (cuisine USA) more fully reflects the mentality of the whole American nation, and is characterized , standardize and mass. In the rationalistic American cuisine major products were canned goods, preserves, sausages, sandwiches and ready-made drinks, often cold: whiskey, beer, cocktails, juices. Just some hot fast food, convenient to standardize the portions and prices, permitted in this cuisine: steaks, burgers, sausages, scrambled eggs, coffee. Tea requires special conditions of welding, has become impossible in this "flow" because it will inevitably lose money, becoming Burd, and from him it was easier to refuse. Any deviation from the standard also ruthlessly expelled from the rationalist cuisine. In American cuisine includes dishes from various cuisines. These kitchens were: Italian with its famous pizzas, polenta, pasta dishes (spaghetti, macaroni, noodles, ravioli, etc.), China and Japan: first, indispensable to them with rice, which taste can be strongly modified by using different herbs and spices, and secondly, traditional type of cooking a number of hot dishes, especially soups in Chinese cuisine (a quick combination of pre-cooked meat, poultry, fish and vegetables with hot meat, chicken, fish or vegetable broth), and thirdly, with dishes similar in nature canned (pickled duck eggs, trepangs, squid, soy paste, seaweed, etc.) in the fourth, with a well-standardized Japanese cuisine – tempura. Americans' favorite foods – vegetables and fruit salad (no breakfast, lunch and dinner is complete without them), meat and poultry with vegetables, fruit desserts. Very popular green salad, served chopped in large chunks, in natural form, and is already on the table various flavored with spices. In America, even in many restaurants and cafes of the cost of salad vegetables included in the price of main course, and it serves a mandatory attachment to breakfast or lunch, just like a glass of ice water. The range of fish dishes and cold snacks are rare fish delicacies. From the first course, Americans prefer to soups, mashed potatoes, soup or fruit soups. As the dishes are consumed in mostly beef, lean pork, chicken, turkey. All meat dishes are prepared with mild spices and sauces everyone puts on their taste on the table. Favorite national dishes – roast beef with blood and steak. For the garnishes are used only vegetables (steamed leguminous beans and kidney beans, green peas, corn, cream, asparagus, cauliflower, etc.) and potatoes (boiled, fried, stewed). Cereals, pasta, Americans do not like. Do not eat them, and cabbage. Americans consume little bread, particularly white, as well as bakery products, cereals and flour garnishes, fat. Very exotic purely American dishes – bacon in chocolate. Quite common in American kitchens are all kinds of dessert dishes and pastries: cakes, pies, cookies, pudding, fruit juices and fresh fruit, citrus, fruit drinks from fresh fruits, from oranges, whipped cream, etc.


Cafe-ok! Coffee flavors – new coffee trend from the United States. It was recently already much written about the health benefits of the popular “hot drink”. Here and now now, a further, more interesting post on the subject: “new taste coffee variations from United States!” After the “Turks” and “Italians” an absolutely new “coffee cult” coffee flavors with names now comes from the”Anglo-American” *. This involves special coffee flavouring syrups, which are stirred into coffee drink (cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso, coffee with milk – but also in tea, milk and yoghurt are possible). There is now this new coffee variations in all Cafes and bistros in the flavors of Amaretto, Caramell, French vanilla, almond, chocolate and Irish cream. * Coffee flavours * something for the “young coffee drinkers” and nothing for the “classic coffee connoisseurs!” are likely It is keep all a matter of taste but there are long the notoriously famous also with us “Coffee with shot!” * coffee flavours * are however “non-alcoholic” and offer many interesting and taste design options for coffee drinks.

Cafes and bistros charge about 50 cents for an Aromation. Who wants to enjoy these specialities in addition like “home”, is now consumer-friendly MINI bottle of the series * Cafe-ok! * at the REWE for 99Cent! (enough coffee for 8-12.Tassen). Typically one teaspoon of coffee flavor syrup enough to get a proper taste. Additional sugar (you should be “Sweet”-?) you do without this. In hoping to have give you an enjoyable idea here, I wish you a good appetite!


Pharoahe initiatives in the cross-fire of criticism. BLL: Berlin/Bonn breach of constitutional principles, October 22, 2010 – Bundesernahrungsministerin Ilse Aigner (CSU) presented new initiatives for the food industry last Wednesday in Berlin. “Better labelling, greater transparency, and a resolute action against fraud, for that I am”, Aigner said. The new optimized 1 plus 4 among “model with visually highlighted nutritional information and an Internet portal where consumers from 2011 illusions and delusions can call and discuss in online forums with experts. The Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and consumer protection (BMELV) has the existing 1 plus 4 “model for the most important nutritional information on food packages (total calories plus sugar, fat, saturated fat and salt) further developed. The details of the energy content and the most important nutrients are highlighted and already on the first Recognizable look.

If you want to specify advanced nutrition information also for unpacked foods, a provision of information could be made so the neueLeitfaden for the German food industry, on signs, posters or similar records. Many grocers are already a step further. They present on fresh counters nutritional information on the displays of modern PC scales, for example, from the Balingen manufacturer Bizerba. As far as the harmless part of the initiatives of notes. Fiercely controversial, however, is currently the planned Internet portal to clarity and truth”foods, which will operate the consumer centres from spring 2011. Learn more on the subject from Wells Fargo Bank. Citizens should get there the possibility to call deception and deception in packaged foods, and online forums to discuss with experts. The new portal”, as AB, is a contribution to more transparency in the market and opened a new dialogue between consumers and industry. A long overdue debate between consumers and business should be set in motion.

But long since not everyone like it. Many companies fear that to be able to be made through the portal in the pillory, prepare now legal countermeasures. The Federal Government for food law and food science (BLL) opposes the planned Internet portal. BLL – Managing Director Matthias Horst promotes understanding of the negative attitude of the food industry on this point: the food industry is ready for discussion, especially when it comes to the understanding of labelling and presentation. She cannot accept but, your brand and your reputation to be publicly paraded and damaged in the course of the uncontrollable dynamics of the Internet.” From the perspective of the BLL handle a violation of constitutional principles. Wolfgang Mulke by WAZ holds Pharoahe idea in a comment on the one hand for easy and good. However the resistance of the company achievements quite rightly, have the Government but so far failed to stop misleading labelling and presentation by the stricter requirements. That must catch up as quickly as possible AB, if their criticism of the industry was meant seriously. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail:

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