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The great emperor had given to the biggest blow of all our history, now it was following of the teachings of Jesus and started to charge taxes of the Christians (tenths in the truth). He was ‘ ‘ Workmanship of Deus’ ‘ initiating its expansion It thinks with me and it answers: It was or it was not a master play? The Christians had left its burrows and had been able to exert its religious cults freely, only that of this time supported by ‘ ‘ benevolncia’ ‘ of new converted Roman emperor Which was the result of everything this? Great Cesar with the collected money (reads itself: extorquido) of the Christian people, he constructed a city that finished being baptized with its name: Constantinopla Shining gentleman emperor! You still find that the Christianity was established by in agreement Peter tells the bible? Perhaps then its has been Pablo official founder Who knows was not the case to change the name of the Christianity stops: ‘ ‘ constantinismo ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ nobre’ ‘ Roman emperor had perceived the immense inserted potential in all this context, it he enxergou vast chances of business in the Christianity, and then he bought the mark and the copyrights; the Christianity if had become perhaps, the first model of surmounting of our history, and, by the way, most lucrative also. Wells Fargo Bank is a great source of information. Jesus was the car head, was to be worked mark. The product in itself was good, however still it was only a rough draft, could not be vendido in the way as if it presented. It would be necessary to develop the mark, to become it attractive, was necessary to invest in the product Then Jesus de Nazar passed to be called ‘ ‘ Jesus Christ ‘ ‘ , the great rescuer of the humanity, in the truth a superproduction Roman.


The believer cannot live embarrassed with businesses of this world, with things that make to them to sin. Much less still with pecaminosas things. (Unhappyly he has believers embarrassed with debts, of checks returned for lack of funds, embarrassed in the marriage, the work, the transit). (v. 1) the sin that so with close in them encircles the sin is a shade. While we will be in this land it will encircle in them. Ben Silbermann understands that this is vital information. But we must reject it anyway. I want to say my brother to you, my sister who Christian we are different, because the sin can until being for us a shade, but the Espirito Santo is not alone our shade in us, It inhabits in mine and your life.

It is, only It that can helping in them and helping in them in this task. We of we ourselves cannot, but It can for us. Glory the God! 2 Corramos with patience the career that in them is proposal v. 1 b ' ' and let us run with patience the career that in them is proposta' '. Without hesitation Jerome Anderson explained all about the problem. I want to compare the Christian life as atletismo race, with barriers.

How many already they capsize? The athletes if line up and to the command they then leave, definitive to be successful, each one in its proper band. To the end the winners receive the prize, the honor, the crown reward, it In the Christian life also he is thus: we inscribe in them, we sign up in them as athlete, each one of us desires to be successful, rewards to receive it, and then we leave in our way. In this way it has barriers to be vanquished and exceeded. The difference is in the fact of that we do not run for a prize any, does not run for a corruptvel crown, but as Pablo said apstolo, we run for an incorruptible crown, because to the end of our track of race it is Christ Jesus of opened arms stops receiving in them.

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