South America Wars

And is war, folks, the highest expression of the taking of measures in terms of survival and supplemental needs. What they do not, because there are countries that do not necessarily make their livelihood is threatened? Not credible, no doubt, all this points to the war, beyond appearances, values and needs. What normally spreads understanding is the inability to penetrate the core, the intricate world of appearances and false morality “progressive” that inculcates sestematicamente systemic and from school. I put the most brilliant example that comes to mind. Have you seen, in these times of oil, a country fighting for water? There are wars for oil and the hundred years or days, but water war? I have not seen for many decades, unless we refer to the so-called series of street protests that occurred internally in Bolivia for some time. Well, I say that in its name and wars are planned and have already been made and built silent invasion also unequivocal military camps in the world. Did you know that only 1.5 or 2.5% of the planet’s water is fresh, that we take every day? “Shows you a country like the U.S. so prevented to wage wars for her? Do you visualized supply problems right now as we speak, in times of oil? Most likely not, seem ridiculous. However, already have military bases South America, on the outskirts of the few world reserves of this vital liquid. Did you know that already teach their students that the Amazon is a territory that belongs to them now in the hands of barbarians (South Americans) that the abuse? It sounds to this war? Or what I say, they are good manners and education, positive expression of progress in the world? Come on …! It’s usually we see this war for oil country, and here we return to our initial concern about the future that he pulled his bellicose Venezuela.