Historians discovered that shaving action comes from before the Era of stone: the moment in which Neanderthals began to paint, tattoo and remove their body hair. There is even evidence of prehistoric men removed the hair from her face using sea shells such as primitive pliers. Shaved heads symbolize different things in the thousands of years that continued, the removal of the hair in the ancient Egypt and Rome became part of routine grooming practices. It is writing that in Rome were a little further and rasuraron all of your body hair, except for the head and eyebrows. The Buddhist traditions, Muslim, hindu, jain and Christian also include routine shaving of the head. The Christian and Buddhist monks normally shave their heads as part of your order. The Act reflects its renunciation of earthly possessions and the devotion of his life to religion. Currently, shaving his head for some means liberation.

Others see it as a form of dissatisfaction with the established socially. The men mostly prefer to shave the head. However, there are some women who also say they love the bald look. Many are desperate by scratching a shave head. Some use it to avoid capillary maintenance, since they only need a razor to shave every two days to keep it neat. Essential one care head shave head can be shave with electric hair machines or razors razors normal to do so on a more regular basis.

Several companies make razors razors specific for shaving the head. It is very common that cuts occur in the scalp with the use of shaving razors, this can be avoided if the necessary precautions are taken. Also change by electric shavers can operate. Care should be more a head shave than the most sensitive skin of the body. Those who rasuraron their heads will notice it after having done so. Bald heads should be cleaned daily, as well as also remove dirt and oiliness which may have accumulated in the zone, for that mild soaps should be used. The picky can use a mild shampoo and a moisturizer to keep the skin soft and flexible head. Heads whose skin becomes very dry may develop rashes and other disorders. Remember that the care of the skin of the head is extremely sensitive. It is important to not be exposed to high heat, strong sunlight or cold. Shaved heads are tanned very quickly, which can cause heat stroke due to exposure to too much sun. Ponte sunscreen or a hat to protect your skin from sun damage. You purchase sunscreens that can be applied to the head. Choose discreet solar screens, but to effectively protect a bald head. Original author and source of the article