Spiral Dynamics

Unforgettable moments of mastery, for me have been those dedicated to concentration meditation and vipassana meditation because I felt that doing these practices in a group that moves with the same purpose in those moments, generates a synergy that produces a great peace. Parque Colomos visits, have been also very significant for me, because in them I have felt a great harmony with nature; his only memory relaxes me and brings me the feeling of gratitude for the life. Also wonderful was the experience of meditate, at the Seminary of spiritual intelligence, listening to that music performed with ancient instruments. Particularly significant has been to my model multilevel Multidimension of the Dr. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Robert Kiyosaki. Gallegos Nava, and spiral dynamics of levels of consciousness.

Of Ken Wilber, because they have helped me in my mind, in my feelings and my actions, clarify the concepts I had about the relativity of values; I had no clear way of thinking in which has goodness and what does not, because I saw that what is good for someone, is bad for others and vice versa. The model and Spiral Dynamics perspective I understood finally that the values, they are in themselves, and that the trials of varying degrees of goodness, depend on the level of awareness of who makes such judgments. For example, for a thief, it is good to steal because it solves so their survival needs, but it is not for that is stolen or to the laws of society: the thief, is acting in a personal and egocentric consciousness level; that is stolen, judging, becomes enraged and perhaps want to take revenge, also from a level personal and egocentric; laws, punishable the Act of theft, since a community level of consciousness. Actions arising from a level of consciousness kosmico, developed with full knowledge of its interdependence with the physical, mental and spiritual universe in the planes, which are based on universal values whose aim always has to be a superior good, i.e., the exercise of values that are closer to the ideal plane.