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To hold a good position and hydrodynamics horizontal is essential to be able to render in the style of crol or frees. To many people it costs to hold a position to them completely horizontal which directly affects in the yield and efficiency of the style.Many of the faults are in the breathing, phase of push and the kick. I will speak of the most common errors and we can correct as them. Very well, we will begin by the breathing. ERROR 1: To raise to the Head when breathing a very common error that they commit the nascent ones is the one to lift the head when it is going away to breathe. This error is completely justifiable, since many people are scared to that water enters to them and they are obstructed.

The problem is that when rising the head the rest of the body is forced to lower, and when the body lowers it returns and it raises. This causes that to length of the route the body is following a curve sigmoidal, that is to say, the body is walking like a wave. CORRECTION Them memory that stops to breathe in crol the head must turn more on its own axis no to rise. The mouth always goes to be in the part of back of the wave (or in the valley). If it costs to them to do it, practices the breathing in the bulging part with the feet in the floor. A little incline and beat an ear to the water.

They turn the head so that the face enters and make bubbles, turn the head again without the ear leaves the water, they take air and they repeat. ERROR 2: To drive the hand downwards. This error explains a little in the entrance where I used Mr Smooth to give advice them to swim more express.


Sea bream, black and blonde with cauchao, caulker, red pepper jalapeo or honey is the proposal of flavors that the familiar company " Commercial society Saavedra & Berndt Limitada&quot Company; it does today to the Region of Aysn. It is the artisan beer Finisterra, that from Port Swans will arrive at Coyhaique, and from there to all the region, like a new ally to the gastronomical supply with identity of these austral places. Learn more on the subject from Payoneer. " The quality of our waters and that the beer is done with love, with desire. Since this is like cooking, where if you do a rice with affection is not just like if you arrive and strips the ingredients to agua". It is the phrase whereupon Carolina defines the main comparative advantage of this new product, that it has devised and taken ahead his father, Carlos Saavedra Cid, for that today the day is celebrating of producer of the official launching Thursday in the Historical Restaurant Ricer. For several years that this professor of the Guido School Go’mez of Port Swans looked for the formula that allowed to give an artisan product him in the heading of brewery. It started off with incipient facilities in a place of his house, which allowed him to produce 50 liters for local consumption preliminarily.

But spent the time, it saw the necessity to grow to become a familiar company dedicated to this activity and as a form to contribute to the economic development of its community. " That is what he looked for, that people identify themselves with us, whom she prefers to us, whom feels hers and that sees us like something special for their town. And that also sees that things can be done that are not so common. And that is possible to fulfill sueos" Carolina remembers. It was so after to receive in 2005 resources of the Capital program Seed of Corfo to initiate the work and to realise a market study, in 2009 adjudged to $ 40 million similar program of the organization, but this time in his second line of work, with the sponsorship of Codesser and as a result of to have been winning of a prize at national level in innovation.


The weddings sector moved a total of 3,757 million euros in Spain during 2010, some 170.815 couples married last year, representing one 3% less than in 2009, compared to a fall of 10% registered in the previous years. Madrid, November 22, 2011 the cost of a wedding in Spain is around 22,000 euros a significant figure given the times that run. According to the data of the portal bodaclick.com the cost varies according to the region where the ceremony is held being Madrid, Cantabria, Castile and Leon and Catalonia that involve an outlay of more than 26,000 euros on average. And situate Balearic, Ceuta, Murcia or the Canary Islands in the most economic. Within the costs of the Organization, the banquet is heading that takes most of the budget, approximately 57%, given that the price of the covered is 100 euros, a wedding of 150 guests the price would be 15,000. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Robert Kiyosaki by clicking through. Bridal gown, takes 10% and varies depending on the brand, designer and wedding type, since in civil weddings most of the brides opts for simplicity. Other expenses such as the free toolbar which is not usually included in the covered, invitations, a good photographer, music, flowers, represent 14% of the total expenditure. And finally the honeymoon, which depends on the chosen destination, can range between 2300 and 3000 euros, more expenses that you have during your stay.

Group committed Bodaclick.com, leading portal in Spain and international reference in the area of weddings, offers users (45% of weddings that are held annually in Spain) necessary and continuously updated information, for the Organization of a link at any time and from anywhere. In 2010 the group earned 14.8 million euros net income. Since its creation in 2000, until today, 490,000 couples have been in committed Spain, and its eight portals receive around 2,300,000 visitors per month. More than 12,800 enterprises in Europe and America offer their products and services through its website. In 2004, the Group incorporates a new Division, Eventoclick.com to move your model’s results contrasted to the segment of the Organization of events in general.

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