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No doubt Chinese Astrology got great advances, and is for this reason that is more reliable practices to meet and inquire about the future. With more than 5,000 years of wisdom and culture, the Chinese people has earned respect and reliability in this field. Your Zodiac is based on the legend that was counted as Buddha, to attain enlightenment and eager to celebrate it, I invite all the animals on the planet, but only twelve came, which as gratitude Buddha gave them a year to govern. Based on his way of seeing the world, the twelve animals and yin yang, which reflects the two universal forces that wish to be in perfect communion order to create different structures of which this world has complemented the Chinese people won the spiritual greatness that other cultures did not. One of the most common forms of divination of the Chinese people, was the Oracle of the I Ching, composed of three equal coins, which offered a series of combinations after each spin, giving answers they are needed. These coins represent the yin and yang aspects, and one of the most common ways is to throw the coins six times to know what Oracle wants to tell us. There are 64 possible combinations known as hexagrams represented in letters, each one with different meaning, which generates us necessary answers. Both esotericism and astrology have given us various ways to learn a little more of what lies ahead, and no doubt the I Ching is one of the tools most complete and practices for this type of knowledge. Despite seeing it by many as a unique tool of clairvoyance, the I Ching Oracle also provides an important opportunity for learning and knowledge of what surrounds us, and teaches us how must seize every item or situation in our favor. Here an I Ching Online, which will give you the Hexagram of the day to explore other forms of futurology, divination and clairvoyance: