What Is The Difference Between Rich And Poor

Research shows that the difference between poor and rich countries is not his age, this can be shown by countries such as India or Egypt, that have more than 2000 years and they are still very poor, on the other hand, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, which 150 years ago were unknown, are now developed and rich countries. The difference between poor and rich countries nor resides in available natural resources, for example Japan has a limited territory, 80% mountainous, unsuitable for agriculture and livestock breeding, however it is the second largest world economy!. This country is like a huge factory floating, by importing raw materials from around the world and exporting manufactured products. Another example is Switzerland, which does not produce cocoa but has the best chocolate in the world, in its small territory animal breeding and cultivated the soil for just four months a year. However produces dairy products of the best quality, it is a small country that offers a great image of security, order and work, which transformed it into the box the world’s strongest. Executives from rich countries relate to their peers, they demonstrate that there is no really significant intellectual difference, race or skin color are also not important, immigrants qualified as sloths in their countries of origin, are the productive force of rich European countries.

Then where is the difference? The difference is the attitude of the person, molded over the years by education and culture. To analyze the behaviors of people in rich and developed countries, we see that the vast majority follows the following principles of life: 1. ethics as a basic principle. Integrity. 2. The responsibility for what they assume, discipline workflow. 3.

Respect for laws. 4. Respect for the rights of other citizens. 5. The love for the work. 6. The effort by saving and investment. 7. The desire for self-improvement. 8. The punctuality. In poor countries just a minority, follows these basic principles in their daily lives. We are not poor because we lack natural resources or the nature It was cruel with us. We are poor because we lack attitude, we lack the will to meet and assume those operating principles of rich and developed societies. We thus by our values and principles, by the lack of commitment, so by the indifference we present before the opportunities to improve, due to the lack of goals and efforts. Only this way we will change our lives. Probably you are one of those people who makes the difference and fight for change a corrupt society and without principles, but do not forget that there are still many who need to understand that the lack of principles and attitude is the root of misery. Cordially, Roberto Garcia you would like to grow your MLM business without facing rejection?.