“The novel approach of jewelry, core & partners on the succession question, offers an attractive alternative senior entrepreneurs three intensive days on Sylt offer entrepreneurs time and space with the success factors, pitfalls and players” to deal in the succession process, as well as the their own agendas for the future. Impulse lectures provide inspiring discussion rapprochement with the relevant questions for a professional succession takes place in the small circle of entrepreneurs. Special attention is given to just the typical constraints. They are often, family entrepreneurs that prevent persistent to secure her life’s work. Thus, up to 50,000 jobs disappear each year.

The Privatissimum aims to bring it, a clarification of the personal future of the entrepreneur and of his company and thus stimulate a conscious decision: the company to continue, to hand it over to a successor, to establish a unlike any company or to apply to a whole new field of activity. According to current analyses of the IfM Bonn, half of all companies that actively deal with a scheme of transfer, requires two to six years for the entire follow-up process (www.ifm-bonn.org/ assets/documents/Wallau-06-03-2010.pdf). This clearly shows how important it is for the success of the delivery in a timely manner to address this idea. Further information about the infected: events company contact: jewelry, core & partner succession consulting Valentine 2 c 22926 Ahrensburg phone: 04102-50 538 mobile: 0171-756-755-8 E-Mail: press contact: Sauer and Rogge – HR Communications