The Difficult Moment Of The Election

That we started the venture a few years ago, we learned to grow between procedures and structures aimed at production. As we move forward, we realized that this was no guarantee of doing things well. Do you measure do things well?. Today, up to these parameters have changed. Customers are not, are moving through other waters. We know that they move, but we don’t know where.

Attitudes have changed, it cost years in change, today takes minutes. Feat a manifesto on the Internet in one night using social networks. A family company with Granada exceeds its artisan production by strategically placing a blog on the Internet. A young student is able to have more audience than campaigns for thousands of dollars. And, in this context, the ideas, the movement, the freshness is reward. New solutions for new problems, new solutions for old problems, to order solutions for problems always, ideas, projects, communication, interrelationships, contacts, collaboration.

We still do not agree on what exactly is innovation, although we know that today has prize. Credit: Christos Staikouras -2011. It is the winning combination, it is the spirit that radically changes our concept of doing business. Innovation has a solid base in restlessness and curiosity. It is not made for stable minds. How many times we have heard I don’t have time for this or that to my business not serves him. The spirits collaborative, restless, curious, alternative, reinvent business history. The company almost ceases to be to become a group of people who are in a same boat rowing is called a project. Independent spirits that come together to develop together, unite ideas and contribute to a common project. The Chief ceases to exist as such to become facilitator. Everything is so easy, nor everything so obvious, all so real. There is a world behind that follows its course, establishing different parameters. Do not believe us innovators by saying these words; We are not inventing ourselves anything. We only discussed and we suggest the lines in which we believe. Others will have other speeches. Ultimately it is the entrepreneur to decide by where guide you your instinct. You can follow us on our facebook fans and twitter page @kpacita.