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Diet not only helps you lose weight, but also helps cleanse the body, the effectiveness of roughly equal enema. Withstand a diet is difficult, so it is better to start, but if you set very firmly. If you doubt your own strength of will, choose the shorter option. I diet version lasts 3 days, during which it is possible to lose 3 pounds. Three pounds of potatoes to a large well washed, dried, and then bake in the oven until the skin becomes crispy. Divide into 6 equal portions and there throughout the day about c / o regular intervals without salt, spices and oil (both conventional and grow.). As Potatoes are best eaten hot and with the skin, you should make these portions separately.

To wash down the food we recommend drinking water, preferably – spring. Need to drink a lot – not least 3 yrs. And no alcohol! II-D version of the diet is calculated for a week. Three pounds of potatoes should be thoroughly washed, boiled in their jackets and then divide by 4 – 6 servings. 2 of them should be eaten without salt and spices into other possible put a little olive or conventional oil, lemon juice and salt, even (in very small amounts). III variant diet may follow similar diets for 15 days.

Do not fear for his health as the body gets the daily 1250 calories, almost total rate of protein and vitamins B and PP, and vitamin C, even in excess. Moreover, the diet is the essential minerals potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium. Potatoes also contains vitamin B2, pectin and essential amino acids. Three pounds of potatoes should be thoroughly washed, dried, baked in the oven or boil it for a couple. Put the lemon juice, a little olive oil or sunflower oil, melenko chopped parsley and chesnochek. Moreover, the potatoes may crush and mash on the water, adding to it a little conventional oil. Do not add salt!


Hay American. For nearly two decades, she and her Russian followers flooded the market with books and CD, ensuring recovery from the worst disease solely by iztaniya gloomy thoughts. .. Ive finally it all – cheating? Yes. And perhaps worse, many in the New Age movement relate to the various religious sects, although they tend not to flaunt it. Thus, in the cult Church of Religious Science is Louise L. Hay, and the creators "The forces of thought in …- Rathma's School of Enlightenment.

What can the idea. But the concept of positive thinking has nothing to do with the pseudo-foci. "Positive thinking really benefit us and our health, but does not eliminate the need for work, learn, to work "- explains the Doctor of Psychology Michael Ginsburg. Between (real) positive thinking and the principle of "to want – to have" a significant difference Nye. And she, above all, in fact, that we can not accept the idea behind our power over the external world ("the entire universe," writes Rhonda Byrne). "It's no surprise that when you look at life with optimism, life becomes a little easier – said social psychologist Ruth Venhoven (Ruut Veenhoven), Professor of University. Erasmus of Rotterdam (Netherlands).

– But this does not mean that if a hotly coveted million, he immediately materialize. Each of us strives to improve its life, but many others and those who are looking for magic and sorcery, and is ready to accurately follow a particular ritual. This is the secret of popularity of the book The Secret . Thinking positively, we can partly influence only on ourselves, because our body and mind inseparable. Confirm this, and research in the field of positive psychology, begun under the leadership of Martin Ssligmana (Martin Seligman) in 1998, when he led the American Psychological Association (American Psychological Association), and surveillance neuroscientists for the activity of the brain. Imagination at work. "Initial" positive thinking is different from its counterparts and dangerous way of its application. "You get everything you want, just change the image as thoughts "- promise to Rhonda Byrne and others. But the real goal of positive thinking is not to completely change the negative thoughts to positive, as is more often the latter. "We are too often inclined to negative interpretation of what is happening, says psychoanalyst Anne-Marie Fiyoza (Anne-Marie Filliozat). – And the use of such instruments of positive thinking such as relaxation, visualization (visual representation of a favorable outcome for us), or auditory training, enables us to keep a positive attitude, to recover his composure. " "Using these techniques – continues to Michael Ginsburg – you can tune in to the positive mood on the successful outcome of the case, but the main thing then begin to act, rather than relying on the case, fate, or that everything would by itself. " The naive enthusiasm, optimism and reckless blind faith in miracles is nothing to do with positive thinking have not. Think positively – it is by and large consider themselves worthy to live happily and do this all possible for us. It means more to believe in themselves and, therefore, be free. Also: women's magazine.

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Many people smoke cigarettes out of habit. Surely, if you are a smoker, you may notice that some of the moments of your life you can not submit without a cigarette. For example, some people will always smoke after meals, before meals, on morning in the bathroom before bedtime, or always smoke it in 18.47 … The number of these examples can be endless. You’ve probably heard about innovation – the electronic cigarette. You can buy a reusable electronic cigarette cheap – only 1,000 rubles, with delivery across Russia.

Some say that they help to quit smoking – it’s true. In the process of smoking the electronic cigarette is not burning process – therefore the body does not enter the resin and other heavy materials, which are deposited in the lungs of a smoker and will result in consequences that you can read on the new cigarette packs. But in the electronic cigarette, all standard equipment, there is a cartridge in which contains nicotine. Thus, we understand that the electronic cigarette can not help you quit smoking, but only replaces the conventional cigarette. Of course the transition to e-smoking is clearly a positive impact on your the body, but you smoke it and not throw.

But nobody ever said that to quit smoking easily. Electronic cigarettes greatly help you with this business, but will not do anything for you. The choice is always! Maybe not immediately, but gradually you can go, first on the cartridges with the average nicotine content, and later with a small … In the end, you can start smoking electronic cigarettes without nicotine – are absolutely harmless. ‘ll Just inhale the steam is like breathe vapor at the boiling kettle. The meaning of the transition to electronic cigarettes is that you win the first physical dependence, and abstain from nicotine – with time you realize that you can do without nicotine. Then, you can win a psychological dependence. You can continue to smoke the electronic cigarette without nicotine. In the end, you have lost dependence on nicotine. You will continue to smoke, but it will not be so smoking that before. In the future you will think and answer the question, “can be to quit smoking?”, And yet you will not be fragile without a cigarette, psychological dependence, too, will disappear with time. Thus, smoking electronic cigarette nicotine without You can quit smoking.

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