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Diet not only helps you lose weight, but also helps cleanse the body, the effectiveness of roughly equal enema. Withstand a diet is difficult, so it is better to start, but if you set very firmly. If you doubt your own strength of will, choose the shorter option. I diet version lasts 3 days, during which it is possible to lose 3 pounds. Three pounds of potatoes to a large well washed, dried, and then bake in the oven until the skin becomes crispy. Divide into 6 equal portions and there throughout the day about c / o regular intervals without salt, spices and oil (both conventional and grow.). As Potatoes are best eaten hot and with the skin, you should make these portions separately.

To wash down the food we recommend drinking water, preferably – spring. Need to drink a lot – not least 3 yrs. And no alcohol! II-D version of the diet is calculated for a week. Three pounds of potatoes should be thoroughly washed, boiled in their jackets and then divide by 4 – 6 servings. 2 of them should be eaten without salt and spices into other possible put a little olive or conventional oil, lemon juice and salt, even (in very small amounts). III variant diet may follow similar diets for 15 days.

Do not fear for his health as the body gets the daily 1250 calories, almost total rate of protein and vitamins B and PP, and vitamin C, even in excess. Moreover, the diet is the essential minerals potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium. Potatoes also contains vitamin B2, pectin and essential amino acids. Three pounds of potatoes should be thoroughly washed, dried, baked in the oven or boil it for a couple. Put the lemon juice, a little olive oil or sunflower oil, melenko chopped parsley and chesnochek. Moreover, the potatoes may crush and mash on the water, adding to it a little conventional oil. Do not add salt!


Nopal and now continues to be a traditional remedy for diabetes treatment in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Nopal lowers blood sugar by blocking the absorption of sugar in the intestinal tract. It lowers total cholesterol levels, improves the ratio of cholesterol to high density cholesterol with a low density – "bad cholesterol" and lowers triglycerides by preventing the conversion of blood sugar into fat, and by eliminating excess bile acids, which ultimately will converted into cholesterol. Contact information is here: Robert Kiyosaki. It also lowers blood pressure and inhibits appetite and facilitates fat splitting and withdrawal from the body. 5. AMERICAN GINSENG (PANAX QUINQUEFOLIUM) American Ginseng is native to North America and its chemical chemical composition is similar to ginseng, which grows in Asia. Until recently, American (pyatilistny) ginseng is not found in the homeland wide application and is used primarily as a weakly stimulant.

However, at the very beginning of the development of European colonists of America were added to his tea to increase appetite and improve digestion, especially in the elderly and sickly children. Today in the U.S. and Canada pyatilistny ginseng is becoming increasingly popular treatment, especially prophylactic. In 1992, American Society zhenshenevodov published a book called 'American ginseng in America', in which numerous examples of ginseng pyatilistnogo for medicinal purposes. Thus, the consequence of taking his medication (powder of the root, fresh root, etc.) is to reduce cholesterol levels, the disappearance of addiction Alcohol, women, it assists in the menopause, probably by increasing the level of estrogen (female hormone), dry root improves sleep, and the crude, by contrast, has a stimulating effect, it is used for colds, warts, tonsillitis, arthritis and other diseases.

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