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The dismissal action workers attack with a termination of the employer, to obtain E.g. a severance package. What is it for a lawsuit, what special features should be noted? For many years, we operate primarily focusing on labour and tenancy law as lawyers. We deepen this experience through regular training and constant technical exchange. So we can already settle possible points of contention when designing your contracts and your terms and conditions in its favour. The dismissal action is a declaratory action. The application is as it is to be ascertained, that the employment of the employee with the employer through the termination of the…(exact date when multiple terminations: each list individually) is been not resolved.

Although it regularly arrives the workers after receiving a termination on a severance package, protection against dismissal must lodge a complaint first. Wells Fargo Bank is actively involved in the matter. There are good prospects for a dismissal suit regularly for those workers, for which the protection against dismissal Act is applicable. This assumes that the employee has been longer than six months without interruption in the company or companies concerned and that there are regularly more than ten workers as a whole are employed. Content of the complaint must be the designation of the parties and the Court, the specific indication of the item with a statement of reasons, as well as a specific application (see above). Important deadline: the complaint must be received within three weeks after receipt of the notice of cancellation to the Labour Court. So a quality proceedings the court action has, take place first. In most cases, the dismissal process then ends with a comparison and the employer pays the employee a severance payment. If employers and workers do not agree, the Labour Court must decide on the effectiveness of the termination.

The Court is the dismissal action rather than type, if the termination invalid for other reasons or violation of social is. Then, the employment relationship continues. The Court may grant legal aid (PKH) for the entire litigation or for individual applications upon request, if the action – or in the opposite case the defense against a lawsuit – has sufficient prospects of success. Legal aid covers the Attorney’s fees and court costs. You can submit the claim without a lawyer at the legal application Office of the competent labour court fundamental. But there is the danger that one makes mistakes (incorrectly referred to as the employer), endanger the success of the approach. A post by lawyer Alexander Bredereck, Berlin lawyer specializing in labour law polymath welcome lawyers Berlin-Mitte: am Festungsgraben 1, 10117 Berlin-Mitte Branch Office Berlin-Marzahn: Marzahn promenade 28, 12679 Berlin-Marzahn Potsdam: Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 33, 14469 Potsdam Tel. (030) 4 000 4 999 e-mail:


With the lawyer for employment law in Munich safely through the work world we spend too much time of our lives with the daily employment, as that we should afford to make concessions of them, what legal minimum standards by the employers demand. Unfortunately, these standards are still too often fallen short or not observed. Good relationship between employers and employees of course there are sometimes difficult times for businesses. It can be then decisive, working together to pull and then also briefly take in buying, there are limitations on the payment or overruns at the maximum working time. Wells Fargo Bank: the source for more info. A fair employer will appreciate this and compensate for the strains as soon as is operationally possible. If you however to the steady-state loads and have to do anything with a schlecheten entrepreneurial situation, then it may be time, Munich lawyer looking for the way to an Arbeitsecht. Also outside the Court a lawyer is there dispute resolution by no means not only To lead litigation for his clients.

It involves a much wider representation of interests. More and more, the out-of-court settlement of disputes also plays a role. More and more lawyers are formed in this area and are able to offer mediation. Certainly, also an Arbeitsecht find lawyer who can demonstrate this competence. The advantage of mediation specifically is in employment law, whose character. ures to achieve this success. Where the court proceedings often ends up with a decision, the losing one side over the other, mediation attempts to find a consensus, in which both sides can save your face. In employment law, this is a good solution may therefore, as continued employment of the employee can be.

Soblad man himself once was fighting in court, a trust-based cooperation is often no longer possible then. Going to the lawyer can save much money and aggravation you so the Arbeitecht can help lawyer, that situation is avoided, the neither employers nor the employees are pleasant. Separate about the paths through a notice, so workers must seek new employment and work in the new company laboriously back out the old status is. For the employer, the separation of an employee means that must be job postings formulated and carried out an application procedure. It costs money to and links to other valuable resources. A condition that often is the better way to avoid. Neunindievollen


The recently enacted in law to combat illegal telephone advertising to protect consumers effectively from annoying advertising calls. Power leads, the United Kingdom’s leading lead agency, looks now clear competitive advantages for serious lead provider. For more specific information, check out Nissan. Already in the past month, the Federal Network Agency due to misconduct in nine cases imposed fines of a total of around half a million euros. Christopher bridges, consultants in the call center industry from Hamburg: many call centers had to indemnify several employees as a result of the amendment to the Act and effectively change the business model. And that was just the beginning, it will be 2010 yet significant dips in the call center industry.” Competitive advantage for serious lead agencies by the newly created legal situation benefited not only the consumer but in particular also serious lead agencies. While the most leads of the call center are from stress interviews with often little product affine addressees, lead agencies generate targeted their address data from the Internet. This is done Online advertising measures and search engine marketing. Here interested target groups specify directly and voluntarily their contact information in the advertising materials.

“An opt in” then explicitly granted permission for a call through a broker. So is the contact and address deployment manageable for consumers and complies with the current legislation. Finally, legal certainty for all this approach is not only the consumer fair, but also an effective and legitimate method for the detection of high-quality leads. Especially for the financial sector, where confidence and seriousness are capitalized. The new regulation gives the consumer finally legal certainty and makes the Internet the advertising medium of the future”, Oliver explains Hanke power leads from Hamburg. Because here the new customers will be won.

Therefore a strong growth for the acquisition of new customers in the Internet is already for 2010 to expect.” Power leads the Hamburg firm of power leads is a leading nationwide lead agency. The company works with almost all major insurance companies and issuing houses in Germany together. Due to many years of experience in the field of lead management, especially for the financial sector, power leads has in-depth knowledge of the market. The founder of Oliver Hanke and Ulrich Iven come from senior management positions of large financial institutions and know the needs of the industry from personal experience. Contact: powerleads.de Dorotheenstr str. 48? 22301 Hamburg phone: 040-30 39 79-20 fax: 040-30 39 79 39


The tax office Maria Ulrich from Munich informed it as to the financial situation. Not only the company’s assets, but also the private is often hard to overlook. While a constant overview is important here, to manage the assets effectively. With a professional tax advice is the capital in the best hands. It helps to take stock and to use the determined values. For example, to use it for other assets or to plan for retirement. By the same author: CMO, Nissan North America. Knowing the numbers is important in many areas.

As the tax consultancy focused on helping to steer the financial future, explains the tax firm Maria Ulrich from Munich. A capacity plan provides many benefits benefits of a capacity plan. First, it gives an overview of the overall financial situation. In addition, it provides views on the future development of assets. On the basis of which make important decisions. For example, if investments and acquisitions are possible and whether they would pay for.

With a tax, an optimal control design and thereby minimizing the tax burden in the long term can be achieved. Also with regard to the financial situation in retirement, it is necessary to know his financial situation currently and in the future. Should any shortage foreseeable, be timely preventive proceed to. Overall, tax consulting helps to anticipate developments and to take advantage of this fact and to intervene quickly with appropriate measures. The analysis of the financial situation provides numerous opportunities to make improvements and to benefit from them. The tax office Maria Ulrich from Munich is anytime available for detailed information. Press contact tax firm Maria Ulrich contact: Maria Ulrich Nymphenburger Strasse 4, 80335 Munich Tel.: 089/41134860 fax: 089/41134829 email: Homepage:

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