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The imminent danger is the loss of the will of a Venezuelan who prefer direct left before thinking again defy deterioration of the social-political as the Venezuelan reinforces the uncertainty. The real repository of power itself and has become indefinable. The collective fear for the future becomes a paradox-in-distress autoescondite custom. In the absence of a protective pray, enclosed in wrappers astonishing fragility. The mob also unleashed "a global phenomenon, although in some parts of the necessary cohacedora fear for the development of a revolution, dramatically increases the general insecurity that we have called uncertainty.

We follow then, as part of roulette, with uncertainty factors in an attempt to plant a false legitimacy. The collective actions become increasingly difficult and we only see at Shifting political point, to specific threats, and home are doomed to fade, as we have witnessed in recent months. We still live planted in the path of the past, one that leads nowhere. So the thinking is still the same, in a kind of cerebral palsy that prevents us from understanding that we must create new paradigms that can produce a transformation of the immediate reality. The man left without the moorings of the past and without a definition of the future.

It's a real contraction in the indefinite future. With the weather the Venezuelan is tending to sink into simplicity. It is necessary to produce a breaking away of the old paradigms, or to put in other words, it is indispensable to the outbreak of a new culture, as they have completed the democratic political forms rooted in old paradigms. The shocks follow one after another. The previous convictions look worn, lost all its explanatory power and protection. The expression on the deterioration of institutions has become commonplace, but are showing extreme weakness policies, including calls met the intermediate bridging role between the government and the community. So the old legal forms are frayed and intermediaries have lost all ability to excitability and coherence, and have lost the old instruments of enforceability, which has led the media to seek to stand as the new drivers. Calls institutions show a manifest inability to transform, indeed, it is not processing what they require. Facing a new paradigm cultural, still in its infancy, his break with reality is visible, because they belong to outdated paradigms rest on the basis of the immobility is intrinsic to them. The man governed by the institution disappears, it has been isolated. The future is not immobile forms can give. The future is shaped to exert thought the conviction of a will instituting a permanent move. It is through thinking that we can confront the maze itself XXI century, as the mixture of predictable and unpredictable elements, accidental, or undetermined causes, restates in full force the ride out of dogmatism.