South American

Therefore we verify in the day the aggravation of the ignorance of all, while it advances the knowledge of the parts. For the reversion of this situation, Morin guides in them to consider our cosmic condition, the fullness and the free expression of the men is decurrent of an ethical intention and politician, who only consolidates for the triad individual/society/species. The human development depends on the development of ' ' set of individual autonomies, communitarian participation and of the feeling to belong to the species human being in such a way, respecting the units as the diversities existentes' '. When discoursing on IV the chapter, the author focuses the importance of if teaching terrena identity, not occulting oppressions, dominations, hecatombes and catastrophes, responsible for some devastaes of the humanity. The author planetarizao flame fast dissemination (when we consider terrestrial history) and many times disastrous of the population for the world in last the 5 centuries, since the beginning of the age of the navigations until the end of the millenium where the man started to be capable to give return to the world in 24 hours and of if communicating instantaneously in all global sphere. Thanks to this unifying planetarizao, the world becomes each time plus one all. However, while European and American they are in one all planetary one of comfort, great number of Africans, Asians and South American is found in one all planetary one of misery. Thus, the planetarizao can be considered conflituosa in its essence. Thus, paradoxicalally, the world, each time more, becomes joins, but it becomes, at the same time, each divided time more. I take care of the legacy to it of century XX, Morin describes some particular characteristics of this period and cites its legacies as the news to be able of death, mainly characterized for the nuclear weapons and new perigos such as the ecological death the one that the man has premade use the planet.