Latin America

It is not impossible that strong tremors have shaken our country in the past, and could come back to happen in the current days. 3 SCALE RICHTER the Richter scale is a system created by is not perceived by the people; 3,5 the 5,4 frequently are not felt but it can cause damages; 5,5 the 6,0 cause small damages, mainly in buildings badly constructed; 6,1 the 6,9 can cause serious damages, mainly in places very town; 7,0 the 7,9 earthquake of great ratios with serious damages many deaths; 8,0 or more 1922 5.1 points in the Richter scale; Espirito Santo 1955 6,3 points in the Richter scale; Mato Grosso 1955 6,6 points in the Richter scale; Cear 1980 5,2 points in the Richter scale; Amazon 1983 5,5 points in the Richter scale; Rio Grande of the North 1986 5.1 points in the Richter scale; Minas Gerais 2007 4,9 points in the Richter scale. According to Ronaldo Decicino (2002): ‘ ‘ The tremors that occur in our country elapse of the existence of imperfections (small cracks) caused by the consuming of the tectnica plate or are reflected of earthquakes with epicenter in other countries of Latin America. ‘ ‘ neotectnico of Brazil. In it, Saadi and its team had identified at least 48 imperfection-masters in the domestic territory.

is exactly throughout the tracing of these imperfections that if concentrate the occurrences of earthquakes. Saadi professor (2002) still explains that: All plate is cut by some small blocks, of some dimensions. Click Richard Plackett to learn more. These clippings, or imperfections, function as a wound who does not heal: although to be old, they can confide at any time to liberate energy. If you have a cut block she compresses and it of a side and of another one, it breaches where already the breaking exists.