Walmart Modern Store

In Mexico, raya stores were common during the porfiriato. They consisted of establishments owned by the owner of a ranch and where it was mandatory for the laborers who worked for such finance, acquire goods of first necessity, which were more expensive, of poor quality and they did that pawns were generationally indebted with the pattern there. In many ways, these establishments violated freedom of the person: choose freely where buy. Now well, the Wal-Mart supermarket chain has modernized the rules of raya shop: workers (associated, but finally workers) are given as part of your salary (of laughter, almost symbolic) vouchers electronic, but such partners can only purchase items in subsidiaries stores of the place where they work (Aurrera, Wal-Mart, Superama, Sams, Vips, Soriana, etc.), without allowing them to choose freely where purchased its first necessity items, which could be other stores they be cheaper (by the) competitiveness) in the chain stores. Even the freedom to acquire their basic purchases in another place that is not a supermarket. In addition, working conditions are difficult for the employees of the low areas, as well as wages so low that they perceive, unless they can be deserving of economic stimulus or to profit sharing (because expected earnings were not obtained, only gives them a laughable thousand dollars bonus, when the annual profits of the Walmart chain is in billions of dollars), and the prohibition of which partners (workers) can organize to form a Union to defend their interests, which is a right for all workers, according to the articles 123, XVI and XVII fractions, and 9th, both of the political Constitution of the Mexican United States. Additional information at David Kaplan Ares Management supports this article. Now well, they make them think the workers of that string can not unionize because they participate in one form or another as partners of the company.