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The rooms Diplomatic and Corner are the most accessible rooms of the hotel, not by this less luxurious. Especially the room with a view to the Mountain range of the $andes or with view to the City of Mendoza can be chosen. Also we will be able to choose by comfort, both rooms arrange desktop to work, a table and armchair to enjoy the view or a good book, television LCD, conditioned air, telephone and a bath with skillful bathtub and. The rooms Diplomatic and Corner are different in the size, first have 39 m2, the second 47 m2. There are 56 Diplomatic rooms and 36 Corner rooms with view to the city and 50 rooms 36 Diplomatic more Corner with the Mountain range of the $andes like landscape.

But we said that they were 178 rooms, the one that are is the Presidential Suite, a space of 180 m2 located in floor 16 of the hotel, in which the industralists will count on a writing-desk for ten people and facilities multimedia for their meetings added to excellent services of pure luxury. Besides the magnitude, that does not offer another hotel of five stars in the city, every day of 19 to 20 hours it is possible to be attended a special class of tasting distributed by professionals of some of the most important warehouses of the province. The finishing touch of the experiences that east Mendoza hotel offers is the services of the restaurant and the Health Club, a space with gymnasium, very complete swimming pool and spa, massages and other treatments of relax. If it likes this note, recommends east article to its friendly and relatives.


In order to be able to accede to these destinies with certain comfort a deprived vehicle becomes essential, reason why if you arrive like tourist, the best thing is to rent a vehicle to be able to enjoy the vacations totally. You will not have problems in to especially locate the companies of rent, because Orlando is full of them, in the most tourist zones. If nonaccounts with own car, you will have to move in bus. The Lynx buses cover all the city and main tourist zones, including the thematic parks.

They have tariffs reduced to one, seven or thirty days. In center of the city, the gratuitous service of Lymmo buses can be used. That to see in Orlando: In Orlando all the imaginable one can be found much more and, that is related to the familiar leisure. To enjoy its impressive amusement parks, to go of stores by its many and varied commercial centers and specialized stores, to realise excursions to beaches, etc. Like almost the totality of the tourists who arrive at Orlando they make it to enjoy its amusement parks, you do not forget to visit: – Walt Disney World: Most popular of the parks. It is an enormous complex that combines four spectacular thematic parks (including the Magic Kingdom), two aquatic parks, a sport complex, a zone commercial, restaurants, bars, thematic golf courses and hotels. – SeWorld Adventure Park: A park dedicated to the marine life, that counts on dolphins, whales and aquariums. He is very popular. – Kennedy Space Center: He is located to only 50 minutes of Orlando. Here, the NASA offers routes in bus by the Space Center, with the possibility of knowing astronauts and other attractions.