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The only means of communication with the outside world – the magazine company, which are described in detail the goods and prices. In today's world of advertising "all over" a considerable paper savings. I think as for you, for me it's a little strange. Personally, I am willing to pay a bit more money, but to get at this minimum service. But again, it's "hard" version of the discounter.

"Softer" give all that a minimum set of services so that you can feel like a civilized 21-century. Second, that it will be noted – goods presented in the discounters, no worse than those that are sold in a shop near your home. Wells Fargo Bank wanted to know more. I assure you, if they save on the quality of the goods, then would lose their customers, not to mention the expanding client base. Third – characteristic feature of the discounter is a relatively small shopping area (about 1000 square meters.) and a narrow range of goods, ie 5 kinds of yogurt, low fat you'll see there. By the way, they often sell products under own brand name.

Now we should discuss the actual practice of discounters in relation to our reality, the benefit of the experience of Russian and Ukrainian companies can do it. Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX has plenty of information regarding this issue. All that is written above – works there, they have – In Europe and America. In the cis countries as people have a different mentality, though maybe it is not even in it. So, the most successful option in the major metropolitan cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg) is a symbiosis between discounters and hypermarket – when people go to Auchan (was it personally tested – cheap!) or to buy with savings products in a few weeks. In the major secondary cities (again, consider the Russian experience) more successful in the following format: discounter + shop at home "when the consumer buys, where closer. Discounters already exists in our country, not only in the capital. Take root if they have – time will tell. More precisely, it's only a matter of time. In any case, to choose the buyer, ie you! Hopefully, this educational program was useful for you, and you choose the right course at the expanse of gastronomy. All shares, discounts, sales, discounts, confiscated in Minsk and Belarus.


This is because it wants to spend more time with you. It is possible that you have let yourself take, since also you liked to be in his together company and to spend time. If you want to return with your ex- ones then you need to return to the past If you really want to recover to your ex- ones then you need to back return in your past and to be the person of whom felt enamored. Another important technique is that you must block all the mass media with him. There are no calls, are no messages not even the mail messages electronic. This can allow that he forgets, but he still is enamored with you would be strange to you. In the application of the previous technique, also one is due to try to concentrate itself in those things that you make happy. Payoneer is open to suggestions.

You must ponerte in contact with your friendly and relatives. It selects to a hobby and other interesting things that make you feel better. This is also a form to return with your ex- ones. If the time from time to time, uses your past to make him feel that you continue being the same girl whom loved. For example, it uses the dress whereupon it liked verte or dile on the restaurant in which they visited. You can use as a book the past to convince it that still it loves to you. One is the people who age, but not the love. The love is as an aged wine. It is put better with time.


It began to be used by the immigration service of the United States a new system for citizenship and naturalization interview from October 10 came into force the new citizenship test. Applicants are now presented to the interview should be prepared with the new list containing relevant information on history, governance and rights and duties of citizens. The review was designed with the idea of making the process more conducive to true integration of immigrants into American society and nation. To know more about this subject visit paynet. Applicants must still be able to speak and understand English at a basic level, but civics questions are provided more for those studying disposables.

The material questions of citizenship are now grouped by theme, making the content more logical and facilitates the study: “Principles of American Democracy: 12 questions-System of government: 33 questions-Rights and responsibilities of the citizen: 9 questions-colonial history and independence: 18 questions-asked questions about period of the 1800s: six questions, “Recent American History and Other Important Historical Information: 9-Geography questions: 8 questions-Symbols: 3 questions-Holidays: Now you can see, the bulk of the questions that the issues of system government and the principles of American democracy, the review seeks to measure the skills of immigrants on the functioning of democracy in the U.S. and every applicant should be well prepared to know how the institutions of the country, who are elected officials at all levels, as are elegiacal.The current questions are aimed at measuring the preparedness of the person to integrate into society, and purpose of the interview is not trying to confuse the applicant to reject, on the contrary. The questions can be printed directly from the website of the immigration service, and the officer conducting the interview will choose up to 10 questions of citizenship, which must be answered at least 6 questions correctly to pass. Nissan shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The immigrant who sought the privilege of American citizenship, you must make the effort to prepare well, polishing their language skills at a basic level that allows you to understand and answer simple questions about your order and life in general, and to seize all. Whoever takes the trouble to study, you can pass the interview without difficulty.. .


The Peru was elected by the Swedish volvo for presenting Latin American of his new truck for mining. It is robust and seasoned truck volvo fmx designed to transport off roads. It is here to stay. In a crowded in the Marriot Hotel in Miraflores press conference, the main executives of Volvo Latin America and Peru, presented at society your new Volvo Truck made for hard work in the mining industry. Today Volvo trucks it has a solid position in the heavy transport in conditions demanding in many markets. The launch of the new Volvo fmx will further strengthen our position, said Roger Alm, President and Director General of Volvo Latin America. With this new mining truck, Volvo seeks to substantially increase its business in heavy transport for the most demanding working conditions, from mining through to construction and agriculture.

This vehicle is ideal for terrestrial transport off roads and it has a design suitable for heavy industry. Volvo is currently leader in the Peru and holds a participation of more than 65% in the mining sector. FMX trucks were exposed in expomina 2010 and the day following was held an exhibition in the Pucara quarry to the South of lima. Our country was chosen for presentation Latin American the new Volvo FMX and fairly Peru being a mining country par excellence, chose to see the presentation of the single truck designed and configured for extreme applications, said Luis Felipe Aching, Manager of communication and marketing of Volvo Peru. This version is the evolution of the previous FM. It has the same Powertrain, it has a greater height, guards in the front, headlights account with new safety devices as the breathalyzers, that are embedded in the truck so that drivers pass a breathalyzer test before switching on of the machine, Anadio Felipe Aching.

In another part Conference General Manager Director of volvo Peru, Rolf Smedberg said: our current Volvo fm has had much success. With the new volvo fmx designed expressly for its purpose and our support services, we significantly increase our excellent participation in this business. The new volvo fmx Volvo took the FM model and developed it more to make it even better. The current platform FM transmission system remains intact. Comments from drivers were the inspiration for many of the new features of the new Volvo. Writes: Mario Gonzales pink font: revista maquinariastock.

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I do not get 2.-one can say that you are every a Lost Generation? Well the writer Gertrude Stein immortalized the phrase “that was common in Paris of the ’20s, when he told Hemingway, but it related to young people in the Post-World War 1 who were dedicated to alcohol and vagrancy, in our case, we do our best to fight for ideals untainted youth, dreaming for a better world for humanity least cannibalized and that gave us happiness, we were a lost generation but a generation that responded to the challenge of what history at that time required us, so much so that even Churchill repeated “Who at age 20 is not revolutionary … No Heart !…”, cameras and its members were otherwise, seeking to do business, setting up private universities for enjoyment of them, to accommodate families in jobs, put chains Taps, etc. … well and if that made them happy, good for them … but that is a democracy when they appear childish and elected Members, I repeat, I felt disgust ! And although we proposed to participate, never accepted, never joined a list, because in my opinion was a sham and wraps me in my memories of youth, dreaming of so many days, his fists clenched Shock Julian of Gudelio Espinoza of Angel Paez, and many other students who died in the streets fighting for Democracy against Dictatorship to appear after holding seats frauds and pro-personal benefit … it disgusted me and I retired 3 .- Can we say they had bad luck? NO, because the syndrome of bad luck, was described by Freud Psychiatrist and refers to an inferiority complex and a Fatalistic Neurosis and none of that goes with us, on the contrary, we have always been proud to have lived what we were and despite the years many well know and do we measure our happiness is precisely in such recognition, are different concepts to appreciate life, many are bastard children of Epicurus and Machiavelli, hedonistic, materialistic, live to be, they are happy taking money , as promising lies to the people, enslaving promises, others are like General MacArthur said will die young, as young people, because they never grow old, as we have always been faithful and loyal to our principles and ideals of youth! .

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