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When we talk about radio control tanks you must think in Heng Long. And esque Chinese brand has a wide variety of rc tanks and is one of the leading manufacturers of this type of radio-controlled vehicles. Most of their tanks are inspired by World War II and stressed the high level of realism, which converts them into authentic replicas of actual tank used mainly by nazi Germany and some of which are still conserved. Aside from the perfect recreation of the Heng Long tanks, the variety of functions that incorporate, which in many cases can also be controlled via radio control knob stands out in them. Some of these functions, which give to their more realistic radio control tanks, are the possibility of launching projectiles, usually plastic, or the simulation of real sounds for each model of tank. RC Tiger tank is one of the models of tank with best quality/price ratio.But each tank has a history and thanks to Heng Long you will know a little better each one of them and have for example a German tank model Panzer parading around the room in your House. Another important detail is the possibility to jointly use the tanks without interference, something very interesting if you want to emulate those epic battles with several tanks. Some of these tanks are in fact intended to be used as a support tank. Heng Long is one of the most innovative RC brands and is known worldwide for its tanks, but also manufactures other types of radio control vehicles like electric helicopters or airplanes.

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