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Unlike ammeter voltmeter will need to connect directly to the source. Used secrete a 24-fold system equipment – in the case of such systems, the values of the voltmeter are doubled. In this case, the digital display you can see 3, 5 or 4, 5 bit indication. Current clamp. Used for short-term measure current without breaking the circuit.

For these purposes fit such a model of such a device, such as clamp meter C-4502. Their main working principle is based on the fact that the measured line current is applied to the coil, which allows not to break the current circuit. Such a device is needed for different procedures, for example, in garage, and these mites are also represented by digital or analog modifications. Measurement of dc and ac voltage, resistance measurement, the measurement of alternating current, checking insulation, sound Continuity, diode test, frequency measurement, temperature measurement – these and some other work is usually impossible to implement without such an important instrument as a clamp. Multimeters. Pinterest might disagree with that approach. To measure simple parameters – such as voltage, resistance, current – definitely need some electrical appliance. Multimeter needed just for this purpose.

This device combines an ammeter, voltmeter, ohmmeter and similar electrical apparatus. In 50 years, used just mechanical multimeters, their benefits – ease of execution. Now uses the greatest demand meter M 890 D. Modern multimeters quite compact, they simply operate by keeping them in one hand, it is often important in a bus station or stations. When selecting a multimeter to clearly define the tasks which it must perform. Specifications in this case might be different, as the cost of a Distributed device. Very practical fact that such a small multimeter, which is easy to operate with one hand, it will be convenient, say, working at car or bus. When buying multimeter should clearly define the tasks that he will perform. Specifications in such a case might be different, as the cost of a Distributed apparatus. Testers. Apply for a simple and quick measurement of voltage, resistance and continuity test. Easy-to-work and storage device is required every electrician, including for use in the car. In some models using indicator is easy to find the fracture in the network even in the dark. These devices are distinguished by certain characteristics: say, it could be power ac / dc current, voltage ac / dc, dc resistance, the absolute level of the signal voltage alternating current, power pulsed current ac / dc current, voltage pulsed current ac / dc. For measuring the values of ac and dc current, voltage and alternating current, dc resistance, light and sound indication of the integrity indicator of alternation phase, single measurement to determine the phase polarity indication, the ability to measure voltage in the absence of batteries, and various other purposes and are usually used such devices as testers. Data Measurement devices will be quite comfortable as at home, to identify the various problems in the car, as well as they are needed for professional facilitation with electrical wiring. Depending on your needs, you can apply each of such devices.

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Now in Belarus an opportunity to learn and appreciate the high quality frequency converters Vacon. A key feature of all the drives Vacon – a high modularity as mechanical design, and software. Modular concept, developed by Vacon, is unique. Three different control unit, two methods of cooling power units, the ability to install five different boards I / O, simple to install upgrade kits are just some of the elements. Only vyberat elements necessary to you and design a frequency converter. Control units nxs and nxp can be installed separately from the power modules. Block nxs is designed for major industrial applications, which do not require high precision control signal from the sensor feedback. nxp unit can process the feedback signal and provide the best quality engine management characteristics.

The user a choice of power units with both air and water cooled. I / O cards can be used with any type of converters: the nxl can be established a board to expand the existing interface, and in nxs and nxp – up to five I / O boards. This allows you to create the necessary configuration information inputs and outputs for each specific application. nxl converters have a removable control panel with seven-segment lcd display. It is used to exchange information with the transmitter, programming and monitoring, but has no storage function parameters.

nxs and nxp a detachable control panel with alphanumeric display. It is also used for configuration and monitoring, but it has a built-in memory. This allows you to copy settings from one drive to another, and to preserve the memory of the active parameter settings for later use. Vacon nx control unit is usually attached to the power unit and is powered by it. The control unit can be powered and the external power supply 24, which allows for seamless communication with the drive for fieldbus control and reading of data even when turned off the mains.

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When opening the tap water from the accumulator enters the network and compensates for the sharp drop in pressure. The larger tank capacity, the less often the pump. Sales can be found accumulators with capacity from eight to several hundreds and even thousands of liters. I must say that cheap vosmilitrovye tanks not adequately cope with their problems. Thus, the draw-point (kitchen faucet, shower, dishwasher, etc.) spends from six to fifteen liters per minute, so the only missing eight liters for 15-30 seconds of a particular device. Practice shows that the optimal solution for a country house is to buy 25 – or 50-liter accumulator (cost 50-100 USD). Important operating parameters of pumping stations are the compactness of the equipment and quiet of his work.

Good performance in complex series of mq (Grundfos): their overall size is just 57x22x32 cm This mini-station will fit even on the kitchen shelf. Quiet Operation depends primarily on the design of the pump (centrifugal pump is much quieter than the vortex) and the method of motor cooling (fan or air pumped liquid). Thus, the pump motor mq cooled by water, which provides a lower noise level. Nevertheless, the leaders are pumps 'glandless' (for example, a series of chie, Grundfos). Without water, appliances can overheat and fail, so safe work in such equipment used protection from 'dry run'. This option have a series jexm (Ebara), bgm (Lowara), ngc with the automation unit brio (Calpeda), station mq (Grundfos), mcx (Nocchi), Wilo-Jet fwj (WILO) and Hydrofresh (Pedrollo).

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