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Normally, as distributors of any network marketing company, we listen in training and meetings “opportunity” that everyone wants and needs both our product and business opportunity. Could it be that everyone wants what we have? Or rather … … … Do we think that we want and need? Here’s the big difference.

So you have to give them what they want. Read more from Jeremy Tucker to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It sounds obvious, but in practice almost nobody does it generally take for granted that our prospect wants or needs what you are offering. This is where our best tool, Marketing. Marketing is getting your clients or prospects buy your products (or your opportunity) without feeling that you are sold. They must feel that the purchase was his decision, the marketing creates the ideal situation in which people buy without requiring you to sell them. Without hesitation Jeremy Tucker explained all about the problem.

If you’re not doing this, nothing you do on your own and most will be wasted efforts that are going to cause your prospects are more objections or reject you. Usually dealers multilevel companies or small business owners make the mistake of thinking that marketing is only for big companies with huge budgets for this purpose. Worse still is when we believe that our company takes care of it! Big, big mistake, in fact, the tools offered by our multilevel companies can be our worst enemy (are made for another purpose to be discussed in another article.) Another big mistake is to think that sales and marketing occupations or activities are completely different and separate from one another. This thinking is very dangerous both for your business to your portfolio. Both (marketing and sales) must go hand in hand and if used correctly you will exponentially increase the effectiveness of both, which will significantly increase your network and your income. To be able to relate this more directly with your business, say that the work of marketing is to attract qualified prospects, that is, leaflets that are already concerned in advance or in your product or your business opportunity. You work will close the sale with the best prospects you have brought your marketing efforts. Remember that you can not sell meat to a vegetarian, even if it is in the best quality, best cow. For a better understanding of these concepts I recommend reading Your goal to increase your network and your sales is to take your marketing to the point where you no longer have to make the sale, recruitment personally. Not forgetting that personal relationships play a very important and should never entirely eliminate them. The important thing is to know when where and how to use personal relationships.


When you are looking for a new way of doing things that can give more time and financial freedom, one thing that always comes to mind is: What is too good to be true and what is it? One of the biggest problems with MLM companies is not the business, but how people try to present to others. This is an image of something that is too good to be true. MLM is a business and we must work as one. If you were to open a conventional business you need to be prepared for? 1. Know what you are going to do, 2. Know what you need to do to take that business, 3. Have the time to ask the company (24 / 7), 4.

They have the money to fund this activity (perhaps a loan), 5. They plan to develop this activity, 6. They have the persistence to stay in business until they see the results, 7. Have patience to deal with all the people who will have to face 8. They have the will to overcome difficulties; 9. Any strategy to attract customers to his business, 10. You have a product or service that will keep customers coming, 11.

Be prepared for the risk, because the loss (if it occurred) are large, 12. And more … Now some people want to do something, but an MLM business and the people who succeed in this business because it did look like a business. So to succeed in MLM will have to be prepared for the same things that a conventional business, but there are two major differences: a. The amount of each one of those things: It takes much less time (12-15 weeks – start), money (no loan), planning, no risk, etc b. The results of the company: MLM growth will continue, and freedom of time, income. When you look at MLM you will see a much greater chance to achieve their goals in life then the conventional market, but that does not mean you have no work or effort. The big difference is worth the quality of the results you get from it.

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