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Marriage contract: from theory to practice. Today's couples are increasingly faced with a dilemma: To enter into a marriage contract or not? 30 years ago you would look like on neondertaltsa tell you aloud this phrase such an institution in the Russian law did not exist, it is gradually taking shape as a result of a fully complete the reception of Western culture. Developments such regulated marriage could not but affect and Russia. If you have previously entered into a marriage contract only stars and the phenomenon it was rather isolated, it is now in the West it is quite normal practice for the simple average couple, the more there with the help notarized paper can regulate all aspects of their lives, as property, as well as non-, that is practical for the conservative Europeans. In Russia of the marriage contract in every way repudiate, but did so common citizens, but the wealthy businessmen took the paper quite cordial and quick to protect their money from their wives and brides. But today, fortunately conservatism is replaced by a calculation of healthy and all dogmas – did give way to new parameters of modern life. Today, fewer number of pairs considered a prerequisite for marriage contract marriage according to calculation, but it does not mean that the practice is widespread.

What is the true reason for the neglect. The thing is in the legal relationships which are governed by this document. In Russia, concluding such an act of good will you be able to solely to protect themselves from the material point of view, as the marriage contract is governed exclusively by the property relations of spouses, the scope of non-property interests of Russian law currently leaves to your own self-regulation.