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We go on increasing at this stage you will need to show themselves determined, strong-willed, intelligent officer. If your boss is a man (that's right it is usually the case), then add to its image elements that are synonymous with reliability and competence. Fashion is and remains constant for several decades: the invisible, strong, cosmetics, blouse shirt cut, thin-rimmed glasses, a classic pantsuit. Be appropriate, and elegant tie. Handbag better change in a rigorous, business portfolio. Also noted that successful career is achieved with the ladies short haircut, so if you have long enough hair, you should consider a visit to a good barber.

You became the boss main goal now – to strengthen the authority and take a springboard for their future victories. The main rule – is keep your distance between himself and his subordinates. Because now you're the head and the requirement that you have dictated women's fashion careerists, not a failure, that life will sit in one place. Get dressed expensively and efficiently. Thus, you gently and correctly indicate to its highest position. Even if the beginning is under your creative team, which adopted a sporty style, then put on an exclusive jeans, for example, from the famous house fashion. The same goes for accessories and footwear. Your shoes, gloves, scarves and handbags to introduce you to the circle of bosses, not their subordinates.

Afraid of being branded undemocratic? Do not! Naturally, backbiting, gossip and rumors not be avoided, but your goal – a good career, not my own way relationships with subordinates, and, moreover, nobody forces you to be a shrew, rude to his subordinates and yell at them for any occasion. Just keep your distance without a lot of emotions and, soon, people will appreciate your business style and get used to it. Now about what you can not do. For careerists absolutely unacceptable frivolous women's fashion: bright makeup and bare shoulders, provoking labels on clothing, red nail polish, bell-bottomed trousers, huge rings, tiny glamorous handbags and, of course, shoes with thick soles. All 'not' list here is meaningless. You must itself perfectly to understand that is a business-like style, fashion, and what would be appropriate if you want to make a really successful career.


Abstracts: Forget about the plants. Moscow as a center of international trade. The biggest disadvantage of highly qualified engineers. Representative offices of foreign corporations and their distributors. Become managerom – earn more than 100 tys.r. a month! Sweet P: service engineer. (Similarly see: Jeremy Tucker). Invasion of migrant workers, and engineers.

Traders do not care how much to pay a specialist. Knowledge of foreign languages – plus 50% of salary. Bargain, or how to communicate with employment agencies. The winner is the cleverest. Who is most attractive to the Moscow-based companies? No room for complacency (self). Career Engineer. Forget about plants. The first thing to understand, counting on paying job in Moscow – is that you will not work at the plant, which may be used.

Factories in Moscow is, they work, but you will not get any significant gain to income, if they could give back to As a worker or an engineer, is meant for people with Russian citizenship. From other republics of the former Soviet Union people, of course, go to work at the Moscow plant, but I think your goal is to significantly increase their incomes, that absolutely impossible, working in factories. Moscow is the center of international trade. This means that in Moscow are representative of all the most high-tech corporations in the world such as Siemens, Fanuc, , Mori Seiki, and so on. Equipment and technology from developed Western countries are sent to the corporate offices in Moscow, then to disperse to the distributors. Distributors – a Russian company, which sell equipment and technologies in the Russian regions.