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Room divider conjure up screen a great ambience in each living no matter whether they visually divide a space, create a decorative ambience, want to make room for ER inner stanchion photos and decoration – with screens and room dividers cilios-online.de they find the right safe for your home or your Office. The screens are made of high-quality Basswood, are offered in various colors like black, white mahogany, walnut, cherry, and nature in various equipment from three to sechteilig,. And of course also with various decorative elements to equip, such as rotating frames or mirrors that in the screen elements are incorporated, shelves made of bamboo, to the screen not only as a room divider, but also to take advantage of, as well as translucent paper covering in Japanese rice paper Shoji paper also shows, especially in the Japanese style effect and is very elegantly to the rear lights as a decorative shelf, to create a diffused light in the room and thus an atmospheric ambience. But also the Models with graphical Elemten including flowers, bamboo deposits and Japanese characters for the fengshui variant are an optical eye-catcher in every apartment. However, such an optical element not only in private homes can be an eye-catcher. The variant with the rotating frame incorporated in the elements very well suited to the exhibition at trade fairs or in smaller premises or even open-plan offices are visually elegant and decorative separated and divided with the screens of cilios. Especially if there is here lively customer traffic and a certain style must be maintained.