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Currently the oldest technique for the decoration of tiles is the technique called rope dry. This technique consists in e. transcribe the drawing to tile, outline all contours with a fat spice, and fill in each area of color with glaze, this glaze made with glass powder diluted. This method of decoration of tiles is laborious, but it coexists with the rest of the techniques, and it differs from them by which the different parts of the drawing can be seen which are a kind of fine lace from one color to another by way of incision in relief. When they finish filling all zones, cleaned and is inserted in an oven ceramic, where it should be 24 hours, and you will reach a temperature of 980 C. The technique of the dry rope, a technique used since the 13th century.

Refers to partial or total dry rope depending on if not glazed surface is visible or not. Next to this develops the technique of cuerda seca split, in which the fatty material with manganese was deposited into a recess that remarked, generally geometric design. The cuerda seca cleaved is a step forward to replace tiles and techniques of the edge in the manufacture of tiles (tile from Arabic az-zulaiy; polished stone) and olambrillas. This technique is very entertaining, but the results are very original, decorative, and surprising. Over the years have been implanted different versions that have been given over the years, yet there is extreme variations in some of them. The procedure is different for the prescription which are used to reproduce this technique. The difference of the different techniques are specialized for the use of manganese and vehicle fatty, enough to form a paste that diluted with turpentine or turpentine Gets the advantage of being able to apply it on the tile with a brush. Today we add a flux of low melting (litharge, minium, lead, compositions of sodium moresque / boron, etc.). In You will find all the information you need about the world of ceramics, wall tiles and murals decorative.


If a mirror or a cabinet with mirror door will be located close to the window opening, then, in essence, your room will be one more window. Intermediate results: in order to visually enlarge the space in your home, remove unnecessary details interior, use light saturated colors, fine decoration, add more light, glass and mirrors. One of the requirements for a modern luxury apartment ceilings are high enough to not touch their heads. Accordingly, a sense of Stranglethorn low ceiling – it’s just a visual effect, get rid of that you can also use different visual techniques. If you want to “raise” the ceiling, first note floor – it must be saturated colors, so there is a greater sense of height of the room. A similar effect will create and glossy surface of the floor. Visually stretches the room height wallpaper with vertical stripes. Increase the height of the room as bright colors and the use of finishing materials with a reflective coating.

If the ceiling is high enough, should not cause him any ornament. The effect of increasing the height can be achieved with proper lighting: floor lamps, sconces, light which is directed upward, a small built-in lights – a brightly lit ceiling always seems a little higher. So, to increase the height of the ceiling can be a by a vertical wall ornamentation and interior illumination of the upper part of the premises, reflecting surfaces. Lodging in an old house somewhere in the historic part of town – it’s not just a small courtyard, problem communication, but also an apartment with very high ceilings.

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A consequent man believes in fate, one whimsical believes in luck Benjamin Disraeli any time has dreamed of graduating, have employment or be a successful business owner, compranser a great House, the car that you like, going on holiday and learn about different places in the world, eat the best food, send their children to the best schoolsgive you a well-rounded education, be a member of one of the best clubs and so on. It is possible that this is the dream of many people. However when it is says to a friend or relative, this tells that these va daydreaming, these are nonsense, the rich are complete, should wrap up where it gives the blanket and so many expressions. They seem them known? You’ve heard the power is inside it, well that’s true, if we believe that we can achieve what we propose we will succeed, but it is also true that if we think that we cannot, nor can. If you are the owner of something so important going to give to anyone so what descruya? Creo que no. What happens is that we are not generally aware of what we own, frequently happens when for example the people do not know what their rights are therefore endure bad treatment or bejaciones for not knowing what their rights are, but they do not know what their responsibilities are. Likewise if we don’t know that we are a great power-weapon, then we give it to the first that it is reclaimed.

and we will lose in the way and so we will never achieve our dreams. Don’t let anyone you beyond your dreams, but that Yes from love, not from anger, resentment or hatred. Let’s ask the Supreme being that it is the only one who can help us. You can say: heavenly father, Dividno creator, eternal father, Lord Jesus Christ, Jehovah, that you feel identified @, ask that guide us along the path that the has chosen for us, and be sure to @ which is best for you. The loving father who created it are not going to want anything bad for your child Amado that is you and I, of course, all somo. Original author and source of the article

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A nuclear war will be a war created by the intellect. Intellect has its usefulness but, unfortunately, it has become the owner of all your being. This has caused many problems in the world. This owner is hidden behind these three things: the body, the mind, the heart. The owner is behind the three; that is your being. You never you go inwards; all thy ways leading to the outside, all your senses lead to the outside.

All your achievements are out there in the world. The intellect is useful in the world and all your educational systems are only techniques to avoid the heart and drive your energies directly at your head. The heart can cause him problems at the head; the heart knows nothing of logic. The heart has a totally different mode, intuition. You know love but love is worthless in the world merchandise.

Known beauty, but what is the beauty in the world?.-nature has adopted the instinct. Everytime interfieres in instinct think perversions. This is what they have done all religions; every religion has been interfering in the body but the body is completely innocent, has never done anything wrong. If you accept the body into your naturally, this will help you a lot. It will help your heart, it will feed your heart. It will help your intelligence to deepen because the food of the intellect comes from the body, food from the heart comes from the body. If your head, your heart and your body are in harmony, finding your being will be the easiest thing in the world. However, there is conflict, you’re wasting your life in that conflict between instinct, intellect and intuition. -The wise person is one that creates harmony between head, heart and body. In this harmony one comes to the revelation of the source of life itself, to the Centre, to the soul.

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