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If you own a boat maintenance business you need to be the provision of winter services to its customers. Many boat owners who get to know you can rely on you to help your boat for winter. The best place to store a boat is under cover in a climate controlled environment. This can be very costly and although there is debate about whether a boat should be “shrink” for winter or not, that’s also very expensive. Since winter is asked to either stop or slow service washing at a frequency of every two months. Get all the facts and insights with Wells Fargo Bank, another great source of information. Of course, the charge for these will be washed twice or three times the weekly rate, but still lose a lot of money weekly wash.

If you charge $ 20 for the week and then wash which is $ 160 for two months of lava instead of $ 60 every two months for a wash. Including snow and debris removal. His solution is easy. Get $ 60 to wash every two months and charge a $ 200 winter including Weekly walk-fired without any additional charge. Under check-up days, cruise ship or dry storage and make sure the caps and moorings are secure. Boat owners seldom find time to go and check on his boat during the period of inactivity of the four to six months.

” Normally, it would be $ 320 for cleaning a ship a week for four months (4 months = 16 weeks), (16 x $ 20 = $ 320). During the winter, if the boat is washed twice, then, that $ 120 plus $ 200 for winter service. This equals the same amount of money. a Those are some of the services that you can do as part of its’ period of service inactivity winterization. Now, before a list of all these services, please note the obvious? a detail of the boat, covering window treatment, coating of metal parts (tuna towers, tie downs, horns, hooks, striping aluminum propellers, etc.) If the boat is entering the dry dock, how about a layer Hull only $ 30 per foot in Florida, $ 60 to $ 70 per foot in California, $ 50 to $ 60 per foot in the northeast. That can certainly add up to a 23-foot Sea Ray.


Located in the country of Panama in Central America is the Panama Canal – a canal connecting the great oceans of the Pacific and the Atlantic together. That is 80 kilometers long and is large enough to accommodate a variety of ocean-going vessels, including Panama cruise ships. The Panama Canal marks the only point at which the landmass of the North American continent and the South American continent are physically separated from each other – a fact that distinguishes the canal as an engineering marvel of 20th century world. The Panama Canal was initially designed to reduce travel time for ships that needed to cross between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. First, trade opened on August 15, 1914 and is now used by more than thirteen thousand vessels each year. Along the channel length, three sets of locks. The locks act as water elevators, enabling vessels traversing uphill / downhill through the terrain of the channel.

A Panama cruise takes the entire length of this magnificent canal, revealing some stunning views of an engineering work as well as offering a tempting selection of travel options along the canal. These include kayaking or Lake Gatun, which passes through the channel. Visitors can also book a visit to the Panama Canal Railway, which has dramatic views of the same channel and the rainforests of Central America. Vibrant Panama City with its eclectic mix of architecture, people and culture is an essential excursion to take a cruise, while in Panama. The historic district of Casco Viejo, which is well worth a visit if only to see the remains of 17th century Spanish fortifications. For sports-minded cruisers there is a field of world-class golf is just 20 minutes from Panama City. Panama cruises depart from many coastal seaports around the U.S.

The most popular cruise routes are one way of cruises departing from a port on the Atlantic or the Pacific, ending in a U.S. port on the opposite coast. Round trip cruises are also available. These provide passengers more time ea sea, 'and the use of the Panama Canal as the most about the cruise destination. Either way or round trip, Panama cruises incorporate other stops en route to the Panama Canal and are usually between 10 to 20 nights in duration. A typical 12 night round trip Panama cruise itinerary departing from Florida includes calls to Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica and Colombia, and take the entire length of the Panama Canal. With so much variety on offer, no doubt a Panama Cruise is top of the wish list of many U.S. holidays! John Metcalfe is the author and web publisher of A to Z Cruises your # 1 source for cruise information, discounts and great deals! Visit now to book your own dream vacation.