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Similar vampires have been in gypsy and Slavic communities. JARARA CAS Brazilian vampire, thinks itself that it appears in the form of serpent, feeds itself on the chest of a woman. JIGARKHWAR A sorceress vampire which is in certain region of India. She feeds herself extracting the liver on the people with glance fixes and several enchantments. The liver later it cooks and one eats, in this case the victim dies. Visit Payoneer for more clarity on the issue. KATALKAN AS The vampire of Crete is like many of the original ones, but it only can be killed doing a edge to him in the head and throwing boiled vinegar to him. KRVOPI JAC These are Bulgarian vampires.

They are looked like the normal vampires, but they have a single nasal orifice and a pointed language. They are possible to be immobilized putting pink around his tombs. It can be destroyed by a magician, must put who it in a bottle and throw it to a bonfire. KASHA This Japanese vampire feeds itself on corpses in tombs devours or them before the cremation. KOZLAK Of this vampire of Dalamtian little it is known. Also he is frequent between the Croatian belief. KUANG-SHI Chinese vampire, caused by the demonic possession of a recently late corpse. This vampire has aterrorizante appearance, as it is become but old also it gains abilities, rumors itself that it has the capacity to fly.

LAMIA It was known of Lamias in old Rome and Greece. They are vampires females, that often they appeared human half, half animal (often the low part was a serpent). They eat the meat of its victims as much enjoying it as when they drink blood. It is possible to be killed to a Lamia using conventional weapons. LANGSUIR Malayan vampire with the form of a beautiful woman. It is said that it owns extremely long nails, it dresses green suits and has black hair that arrives at its ankles. She feeds herself with the blood of the children. LEANHAU M-SHEE This it is a mystery of the Irish folklore, really is not a vampire but its behavior if it is it. She uses her incredible beauty to deceive the men to using to her puts them spells under her enchantment. The victim is separated and slowly drained from all vital force. LOBISHOM IN This it is a Portuguese and Brazilian vampire, whose victims are mainly women. This vampire really does not kill its victims only takes small doses from blood. After their attack the women present/display ninfomanacas tendencies. LOOGAROO Vampire of the Haitian folklore, the word ” loogaroo” one formed to to incorrectly pronounce a word of French origin loup-garou (man wolf). Loogaroo arose when the African slaves accepted the French demonologa uniting it to their African vampirologa. According to its beliefs loogaroo is normally a woman who after agreeing with the Demon must render cultured every night to him, for it must take its human skin and show its true vamprico aspect, the skin kept in a secret tree and comes to look for blood, in an incorporal form as if they were a fireball that can enter any room. LUGAT It is said that this Albanian vampire is reasonably inoffensive, only takes little blood from his victims, not getting to cause to them to majors damages.


Fish fish incorporates Omega 3 and lean proteins. If you don’t want to include in their fish diet, you can replace it with beans or beans dry. Dry beans also provide a large number of proteins that are essential for the body. If the body does not get enough proteins you will not be able to burn fat abdomen and body properly. Carrot carotene is a substance present in carrots that the body converts into vitamin A by helping to increase the rate of metabolism and therefore when major is the rate of metabolism, faster are removed the body fat. A simple way of reducing abdominal fat, start the day with carbohydrates, such as milk is skimmed with cereals or similar, always low in fat and all-day similar foods that burn fat. In this way you will improve metabolism, reduce insulin levels and may burn body and abdominal fat. So previously raised councils are effective, may also need to change their eating habits.

Eat 5 times a day the abdomen does not have to be empty for too many hours. Skipping meals causes more hunger, which translates into higher consumption of food. You don’t need to eat large amounts of food, even a piece of toast or some fruit between meals can be enough to satiate hunger. Chew food slowly and effectively. Do not swallow without chewing food, as result can end up producing gases and bloating of stomach. Drink hot in case of lifting with the bloated stomach and wants to do away with that feeling, a hot drink can help, especially Aloe Vera is ideally suited for this situation.

On the other hand refraining from carbohydrates can help soothe the digestive system. Reduce salt an excessive intake of salt (because of the sodium that incorporates) causes fluid retention and swelling, especially in the stomach and legs. Accordingly, reduce the salt in the kitchen and its replacement by the lemon oregano and other spices can help burn body and abdominal fat. Try to not eat foods rich in sodium, comparable to ham, old cheese, salted fish, smoked fish, sausages etc. Especially women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome must eradicate salt from their feeding regimen, at least a week before menstruation. Here are some tips that can help you not only burn fat body, and abdominal also carry one life more healthy, remember that the functioning of his body is his own thing.