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General objective: To sensetize the Public Power so that the garbage produced for the city has an adequate destination thus minimizing, the ambient impacts. Specific objectives: to Educar the population ambiently; to Criar one I fill with earth bathroom model; to Implantar selective collections; to Incentivar the reduction, reutilizao and recycling of the garbage. Justification: The garbage produced in the city of Aracaju is a problematic one that it comes increasing. Great part of collected it, is deposited of errnea form in a lixo the open sky located in the Quarter Saint Maria. The local population is the great one harmed, therefore beyond the bad one I smell has an increase of animals attracted by the garbage as, rats, flies, mosquitos among others that, they transmit illness the community.

However the problem is not only lingered to these questions. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Bill Phelan. The ground as well as freticos sheets is engaged, therefore the garbage will count diverse toxic materials, as the chorume, resulted final of decomposition of organic substance that for being liquid penetrates easily in the ground. Unhappyly this is also a socioeconmico problem a time that, many families survive of the garbage deposited in the place being unaware of the risk that they run. Of this form, the approval of this project is essential, therefore, its objective consists of providing to social, economic and ambient improvements the local population and adjacencies of the quarter Saint Maria. Methodology: The project contemplates studies interdisciplinares, so that the garbage gains a place at risk adequate not putting the health of the population and diminishing the ambient impacts.

The construction of one I fill with earth bathroom model that, takes care of the necessities of the environment as a whole together with separation of the garbage that, can be reaproveitado and local for the recycling of the same. In this way, the aggression to the environment will be minimized and the work of who needs the garbage, facilitated. However, if it becomes important a process if sensitization and, therefore of awareness of the local community and the population so that the project gains force and gets the desired result. This project will be delivers the local competent authorities so that it is evaluated and approved. Cronograma: From the evaluation and approval of the project, a minimum stated period of 2 years was calculated approximately. AtividadesTempo 1-Evaluation of rea.3 2-Elaboration weeks of the Civil1 Project 3-Act of contract month of the man power and maquinrio.2 weeks 4-Obra1 year and 9 months 5-Project de Ambient Educao with the Populao.1 month total Time: 2 years Budget: The equivalent R$ 9.000.000, 00 (nine Real million). Evaluation: The evaluation will continuously be given for the responsible managers to fiscalize the course of the implantation of the project. Continuity of the project: With the success of the project, the same it could be published scientifically so that it serves of example and door for the resolution of similar problems.

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