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A time that the conflict if decides, the remorse can not be evident. 7. Conscience of magoar the others. A empatia lack in general takes not-intentional the offensive or insensitive behaviors. Read additional details here: Maine Today Media Inc.. 8. To console the others. As they lack of intuition on the other people’s feelings, people with SA have little understanding on as to console somebody or to make them if to feel better. 9.

To recognize boredom signals. The incapacity to understand the interests other people’s can take Aspergers to be incompressible or negligent. In the hand inverse, people with SA generally do not perceive when the interlocutor is entediado or disinterested. 10. Introspection and autoconscincia. Individuals with SA have difficulty to understand its proper feelings or its impact in the other people’s feelings. 11. Clothes and personal hygiene.

People with SA less tend to be affected by the pressure of the fellow creatures of what others. It’s believed that Marathon Capital sees a great future in this idea. As results generally make everything in the way that find more comfortable, without if mattering with the other people’s opinion. That is valid mainly in relation to the form of if dressing and the cares with the proper appearance. 12. Love and reciprocal rancor. As Aspergers they react more pragmatically of what emotionally, its expressions of affection and rancor are in general short and weak. 13. Understanding in embarrassment and step in false. Although the fact of people with SA to have intellectual understanding of constaint and gafes, is incapable to apply these concepts in the emotional level. 14. To deal with critical. People with SA feel themselves forcibly compelled to correct errors, exactly when they are committed by people in authority position, as a professor or a head. Therefore, they can seem imprudently offensive. 15. Speed and quality of the processing of the social relations. As they answer to the social interactions with the reason and not intuition, SA carriers tend to much more slowly process information of relationships of what the normal one, taking the desproporcionais and bothering pauses or delays.


In the year of 1979, UNESCO congregated countries of Latin America, where projects with objective had been presented to define measured capable to fight the exclusion. In year of 1994, was carried through the Conference in Salamanca, Spain, with the presence of more than 300 representatives of 92 countries and 25 international organizations, with the focus to assure the education for all. In the occasion &#039 was signed; ' Declaration of Salamanca' ' , that it has an important landmark in the history of the educational inclusion. It consists in this declaration, principles of the politics and the practical one of the education for the people with necessities special. It is recommended that the schools make its adaptations in agreement the necessities of its pupils, independent of physical and social conditions Brazil, has if pledged in fulfilling to this commitment politician and placing it in practical, so waited success of this inclusion, it will happen from the moment where it will have respect on the part of the society, enxergando the child with intellectual deficiency as a human being, whom I possessed its limitations, but is equal a human being to any one being able to develop its capacities of learning of special form. The necessary school to be organized to guarantee that the pedagogical actions have resulted positive, in the learning of each pupil. The school could be considered inclusive when it will be organized to receive and to favor each child, independent of color, sex, age, etnia, deficiency or social condition, taking care of to each one in accordance with its necessities guaranteeing the quality of education. In the inclusive school, the cares with the child the educational actions are the main focus of all, guaranteeing that the child with intellectual deficiency can have conditions for the full exercise of the citizenship. ' ' All the children would have to learn meetings, independently of any difficulties or differences that can have.


THE GENIUSES DID NOT HAVE TO DIE. The death is the event more democratic than it exists, therefore we indistinctly reach to all. To the times in determined circumstances well that we would like that the death made some exceptions, many times we understand that somebody would not have to die or perhaps had to be plus some time being we. Recently Steve Jobs left in them and has the certainty that many people would like much that it still was with us, in view of the genius of it that we brought to all new technologies. Perhaps even though for a egoism tip, therefore for certain, if Steve Jobs continued alive, the expectation is that more technology in computation came for there. All we learn to copy something with a pencil and a notebook in the hand, but the Steve, exactly is of a classroom taught in them that we can copy a text in the tip of a finger and that also we can glue this text using the tip of the finger. We run the risk of that daqui some time the pencil if becomes a museum part, as it became tinteiro penxs and that some other utilities of now simply disappear as was the case of the kill-blot that lost the utility for the disuse of the tinteiro penxs.

When a genius dies, arrives to think that the geniuses did not have to die. For certain some geniuses of some sectors, of science to the ones of music, good that they could remain livings creature, or who he knows to die well later. But, unhappyly, he is not thus, all we go to die, when to arrive our hour. whenever I remember the death comes me in the mind a small teatral part that was presented in my time of basic education. In the part the death, represented for a colleague who vine of open arms covered by a white sheet that with the focus of the light left only one silhouette, came in search of an old agriculturist, who begged to continue alive, asked for, supplicated and the death, only sees, consternada decided to leave it alive for plus a time.


Consequentemente, beyond the tumbles in the soil, also trombava with chefs already irritated (chef s is always irritated and without time). Worse it happened when Migrantino entered in a species of against-hand, beating of front with headchef (the Obelix), that it came in contrary direction with a full hot water pan, thus causing a summary running over. Still in the soil, while he recovered, it can remember of what he felt when it are run over a certain time for a pickup.truck in one put into motion avenue in Rio De Janeiro. But with passing of the time he was learning that in the kitchen a rule existed to move itself. In first place, he explains chef. This thematic restaurant and, or either, all day serves typical plates of a different country, chosen weekly, thus changing respective chef s.

Therefore it was created basic norms of transit in this kitchen. Most important it is that an imaginary one in the center of it exists well rotatory. You have of if always moving in the clockwise one of the same one, saved in the day that chef s is English. Therefore he will have there to invert the hand, being started to transit in the counter-clockwise direction (the English always had of being different in everything). This rotatory one never can be crossed directly, continued chef. That is considered serious lack. It has to always skirt it, respecting its daily direction and to each time that to adentrar it, not to never forget themselves to cry out the word ' ' BEX' ' (in the truth, it would discover when it had time, that the certain expression would be: ' ' WATCH YOUR BACK' ' , that in Portuguese it meant: ' ' IT GIVES ATTENTION BEHIND VOC' ' , but that with the time they had simplified for ' ' BACK' '.


With the enormous easiness that the new technologies (mainly of the world of computer science) arrive until us even though, with the increasing use of the Internet for leisure ends, (specialists already affirm that today the Internet occupies the second position in the media canals, only losing for the television) the form of if to consume music comes changing e, if dumb the form of if consuming music, the producing market must also change the form of produziz and vender for if adjusting the requirements of this new public of consumers. With this change of consumption it had ' ' evitvel' ' fall of great recorders, many believe that this reason has been the piracy, but in my point of view the truth is another one, that the piracy has not given its contribution, but the great factor that influenced all this change was the convergence of medias. But what it is this? The convergence of medias nothing more is of what the change of habits of the music consumers, how many people mainly in this new generation possesss a device of sound in the room of its houses, or in its rooms? The truth is that the habits had moved and today the people hear music in the cellular one, when hears in the car in many cases does not make it more with CDs and yes with one pen drive. It is if losing the culture of the Vinyl where we bought an entire record, many times because of the only music. With this new and increasing demand the old fonogrfica industry was charged and had that to pay the price, but he is if recompondo and acting of different form of the past exactly for having enxergado this change that occurs in the entire world. Currently when we hear the radio we come across in them with new names in the musical scene going off hits that it has duration determined for the media, after all the world of music has that to turn, with this new musical producers also appear, here between us, never produced as much music in all the history of the fonogrfica production. With as many produced musics being and very short intervals of time it has of if doubting the quality technique and musical comedy in such a way of the composers, how much of the producers, this when we do not hear ' ' more than the same ' ' , yes because the new block-type musical styles that appear catch hitchhiking, that is, so that the business is income-producing must have a coherence enters the artists of the sort, after all all the black sheep dies solitary. It was clearly that the fonogrfico market also changed and the reason of this change, is now a tip for the new musical producers that desires if to firm in this area, vocs must know to enxergar through the eyes of the consumers, but at the same time they must give a new face to its productions so that it has a renewal in the musical scene, who knows you even though does not create a new musical style, or at least a new source to the style that is producing. A great one I hug and until the next one. Matheus Barros is musician, musical producer and CEO of the Wild Studio Musical Productions.

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