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/ So provides a new resolution approved by the CMT. This measure will seek to boost competition within the sector. Last year more than 4.8 million users changed their operator and 50,000 were laid back with a counteroffer of your company. From June 2012 it will be quicker to change mobile operator. The Commission of the market of telecommunications (CMT) has just adopted a resolution indicating that the transfer to another company while preserving (a process that is known as portability) phone number, will be held in a working day instead of in the four days which is currently conducted.

In this way, Spain will be the first EU country that adopt this reduction of the time of change of operator with which it is boost competition and make the market more dynamic. CMT remembers that last year mobile lines that changed their operator keeping the number amounted to 4.8 billion through the centralized node of portability which was launched in 2010. Resolution the CMT will make a user who made the request for change of number for example a Monday, will have it active at six in the morning on Wednesday and you can cancel the request until 14: 00 on Tuesday. You can now override it within a period of a day and a half until the change is made. The cancellation of the change will be to the operator receiving the request, while so far could apply to the receiver or to the donor. The CMT today reported that is also studying to portability between fixed numbers occur in one day. Mobile virtual network operators integrated into the Spanish Association of mobile operators new (AENOM) have repeatedly requested shortening the period of portability to prevent operators made counter-offers to their clients when they want to change provider while keeping the number. According to this Association in 2010, 50,000 people had requested number c ancelaron change your request before a counteroffer from your operator. Source of the news: starting at June 2012 it will be possible to change mobile operator in just 24 hours