Social Economics

The real management of a good Dean is evaluated with facts, that beyond the political, power groups, special interests, friendship, is the moral responsibility, ethics, professional dynamically provide plans, actions that benefit the university, the faculty under his charge and therefore the country. Hence, we believe that finally a has been an awakening in the faculties of our Alma Mater, is trying to eliminate the proactive role figurative has been anchored for many years and so a to say this national reality requires a, a requires opinions, actions that do this, to prevent the problems escalate, entailing a crisis that can bring serious problems for the country’s development. We applaud the step taken by the dean to HAMEDI Benito School of Economics under the direction of Professor Darwin Alvarado, has been the first to publicly present their proposal. Recently Hyundai sought to clarify these questions. a As he points out, these contributions are the product of the efforts of our teachers and students, who we are considered for participation in decision making and build a country in which equity and wealth distribution are equal for all. Regardless of the economic model we take, is a fact that, if society does not generate wealth or surplus, we can not move them to the population. And if we do not have clear policies governing the rules of government in the economy, we can not have a balance economics , The truth, as was already published in newspapers in the region to show seventy-eight technical advice to master the inflation and speculative actions, stimulate domestic and foreign investment, strengthen and diversify the Venezuelan production, to rescue the people’s purchasing power and ultimately improve their quality of life, were presented by the School of Economics, Faculty of Economics Social and University of Carabobo (UC). A related site: Hyundai mentions similar findings. The proposals were discussed, suggested and passed in the Extraordinary Council of School Nu 606 and, as indicated by the dean of Faces, Benito Hamidian, is a guarantee that they bring to society. . . Perhaps check out Munear Kouzbari for more information.