Wall Manufacturers

Steel entrance door. The design of steel doors is very simple – a metal frame, sheet steel on the outside door, two ribs in the cavity of the door hinges, blockers, two locks. Depending on the manufacturer, the price of steel doors are very different, ranging from 100 to 800 dollars per square meter. The question arises why such a big run-up prices? Price steel doors is derived from parameters such as – the quality of the bearing structure, the finishing material, a manufacturer of door hardware and locking systems design. Some steel doors are equipped with a rough frame of welded metal pins that are hammered into the wall first. But most of the iron doors are mounted in the door without the use of welding on a steel pin or anchor bolt.

High-quality steel door shall be constructed of steel with a thickness not less than 2mm, and the number of ribs at least 2pcs. You should also pay attention to the box of a steel door. The box is in 'closed' (four walls) or the profile of a complex profile (step), but having three walls interpretation profile 'svyazonnogo' from the wall. Russian manufacturers in most cases prefer a closed profile with two chamber box. Although there are some companies that use a box of formed sections. For durability and safety of a steel door, heavily influenced by the quality loop.

If quality were poor, they just sag over time and will stick when you open the door and the door lock. More on price affects how much a quality lock set. On the entrance door should be at least two locks. If you are outside the loop, it is desirable to establish special pins (blockers). That will keep the steel door, while trying to cut-off loops. These pins are mounted on an iron door, and closing the pins are at 2-3cm in the door frame profiles, thus completely prevent the removal of the door leaf. To achieve high noise and heat insulating properties of steel doors is to install a layer of mineral wool, penopropilena, polyurethane or other insulating material. Because the steel itself, does not hold heat and sound insulation at the same time can be does not say what. Also put sealant around the perimeter of a steel door (the best course frost). In order not to hear the iron door, talking of people – the thickness of the seal must be at least 10mm. There are other kinds of doors, in addition to wood and iron doors. For example glass doors or doors made of plastic. Front doors made of plastic do not like heavy frosts, on this they are rarely used as a front door. And as the wooden and Steel doors are very few flaws, this conclusion does not make sense to use other materials for the doors.