The Subconscious

Many people have written to me lately doing questions to me of this style: She makes one week that attempt use what I learn with you to think more positively and to feel to me richer and happy, and in spite of noticing some change, really I do not feel that my life has improved very many Why I cannot show something so simple they engage because me in a labor interview for a work for which I am totally qualified? So if you yourself you become a question like this one, this article goes for you. A simple answer to this question could give you with a pair of phrases: " It is not enough with knowing the way, is recorrerlo." (of the film " The Matrix") and " The faith moves montaas" (popular phrase derived from a passage of the bible). What I mean with this? I mean that of a whole life is not enough only with a fine layer of positive thoughts to resist the programming and the effects of a society that does not create and judges. The reason by that this is not sufficient is that the true creative process – button that activates the Law of Attraction not produces in our conscious mind, if not much more deep, in our subconscious mind. Any idea, puts or maintained dominant plan in the conscious mind by means of a effort repeated and emocionalizado by an ardent desire of accomplishment is incorporated by the executed subconscious mind and through any natural and logical means available.

It reads the previous paragraph again. Now it returns to read it. It is the base of the success. Your mental attitude is the unique thing on which you straight have an absolute total and of control at every moment of your life. You must learn to exercise that right like habit question.