The Mind

This paper presents some basic notes on this topic that helps to understand its scope, importance, which clarified many of the questions we ask as already noted to appear at this level and when we retired him. For this purpose, taken into account the contributions of those who have bequeathed us their opinions about respecting its contents, sources of information. This provides the reader aspects that help to understand the raison d ‘ etre of the Devachan. Some basic notes the Devachan is thus an intermediate between births on Earth. The law of Karma, which obliges all beings evolving to reincarnate on Earth, being relentless in its operation and universal in its scope, also acts on the being at Devachan, because only by force or operation of Karma we are taken out of the Devachan the need of this state after death is one of the needs of the evolutionemerging from the nature of the mind and the soul. The very nature of Manas requires a State devachanico as soon as the physical body is ruled out, and is simply the effect produced by the loss of the limits imposed on the mind by their physical and Astral robes. During life we cannot but to some extent run the thoughts that come to mind, and even less at every moment we can exhaust the psychic energies generated by the dreams and aspirations of daily. The power thus generated is not lost or annihilates, but accumulates in Manas, but the physical body, the brain, and the astral body, do not allow the full development of this force the Ego devoid of the mortal body, Kama, dresses in Devachan with a dress that can not be qualified as a body, but that can be called instrument or vehicle, and the works in the devachanica area entirely on the level of the mind and the soul.