From this line of research poses theory opened and built, theory which holds that you emotions such as joy, excitement, satisfaction, etc. Although different from each other, share the property to expand the Repertoire of cognitive and behavioral and build reserves of resources available for future crises. Positive emotions are welcome in the short and medium-term and long-term prepare individuals for future times harder and promote happiness. Positive emotions promote the playful spirit, creativity, self-control, rational thought, prosocial behavior, personal growth, social connection, etc. making it possible for the individual to have a full and satisfactory life by equipping people to possess skills and strategies in times of conflict, Thus a general State of health and well-being.Positive emotions have a lot to do with the sense of humor.

The sense of humor has attributed numerous psychological benefits (joy, well-being, satisfaction, among others), physical (tolerance to pain, activation of the immune system, improve the cardiovascular system) and social (motivation, communication, etc.) and positive emotions at the same time increase the own willingness to humor.Therefore no doubt that the laughter and the sense of humor deserve an important role within positive psychology and well-being.Laughter produces one of the most pleasurable sensations of the human experience and the sense of humor is one of the main strengths of being humanoLa smile is an innate human expression, all the children smile, begin to do so from the six weeks of life. Once discovered this ability, children spend much time playing to smile, especially if they are stimulated to do so. The child learns so soon that smile It is friendly, fun and something that produces in the other nice responses, attention, affection, contact and interest. So smile is constituted as the first language of the baby. Shared smiles offer one-way communication, interaction and relationship.Theories about the smile most agree in accepting that in the beginning smile constitutes a physical behavior that gradually evolves into an emotional, mental and even spiritual conduct.Laughter takes longer to appear than the smile.