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Your PC started to 'slow down'? Anti-Virus scan revealed no infections. Finding errors in the registry and cleanup of unneeded files (see file number 63) also did not help. So, we must take measures to improve its elements and devices. This requires a search of malfunctions in the computer, the possibilities of restoring and improving the efficiency of its elements, ie diagnose computer. On the Internet There are many special programs for diagnostic computers. Most of these programs paid and free programs require typically 30 MB hard disk space. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ben Silbermann. In an advantageous side of them is the difference between PC Wizard from the British company CPUID – a free, small (3MB), but quite good quality and workable program. By installing this software on your computer, you will get an opportunity to test and analyze the operation of all systems your PC.

When the program starts in the main window displays general information about your computer. By clicking on the icons in the windows, "iron", "configuration" and "system files" – you will receive detailed information about selected elements. For example, information such as the state: the motherboard, processor, video, audio, input / output ports. As well as information about connected devices, temperature control, information about Windows, parameters of the control panel, running processes, system statistics downloads, CMOS-settings, etc. When you activate the box "resources" displays information about the involved ports.

Working in the window "test", it is possible to conduct tests performance of the system and its individual components. Very interesting features in the "Tools" menu. The first is – System Test Stability. This is a test of stability of your CPU and motherboard – when you start the test as loaded processor in such circumstances, it works for a long time. Are made in the measurement of the temperature and the temperature of the motherboard – they should not exceed 100 C for CPU and 60 C for the motherboard. The second function – Processor Monitoring. It is almost standard performance manager Windows. It allows you to trace the history load CPU core operating frequency and voltage. The program PC Wizard easy to use, consumes few resources, and effectively help your computer to be always operational, representing all the basic information about its devices. Download free software PC Wizard 2008 1.871" here – the file number 66. Yuri Chashin 02/05/2010