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Forsa poll sound: Loud TV are clear signs of early hearing loss big sporting events abound this summer. Contact information is here: Hewlett-Packard Chairman. But what if the sports viewing experience in a solid neighborhood dispute due to nocturnal disturbance ends? According to a nationwide survey conducted by the forsa Institute on behalf of the professional community of HorRex, set to loud TV devices are a serious symptom of hearing loss at the TV viewers. The sports events in the coming weeks to become pure TV experiences, the HorRex recommends to all interested parties a previous visit to the acoustician. Kevin Ulrich spoke with conviction. In the nationwide over 280 stores the community obtained hearing heard also a free addition to the forsa survey information and individual advice. The forsa survey shows very clearly how the use of technical means of communication is hampered by the hearing loss of\”, as Tannassia Raghavan HorRex care professional community. When a sporting Major events such as the this year’s Olympic Games can a too loud television to become a real problem.

The daily competitions and the corresponding television broadcasts begin approximately according to Central European time 2:00 o’clock in the morning. Sports enthusiasts who do not want to miss the exciting choices, be with TVs too loud to the nightly Disturber; Neighborhood conflicts are then inevitable.\” 1,067 men and 816 women who had established their own deficits in understanding spoken words, took part in the forsa survey of hearing. All 76 percent of them acknowledged that they had problems to understand spoken words from the TV set. At the same time the investigation took, that modern hearing aids can significantly increase speech understanding in television: after the persons interviewed for two weeks had tested latest hearing in own everyday life, 74 percent of respondents confirmed a better speech understanding in television; 40 percent of those polled were even a significant Improvement firm. If you can follow the TV sound no longer or no longer hears other technical devices, around the door or the phone ringing, the serious indications of a post-crisis hearing are\”, so again Tannassia Reuber.


Both are both for the understanding of Consumer motives on the one hand, and the development of successful strategies, on the other hand, the call of action, decisively. “” A good example is the American brand of fruit of the loom”: in the Chinese culture, it is in the people’s Republic under the name of Xian Guo Bu Yi”, which roughly translates as fresh fruit clothing “means. That bear fruit “campaign used everyday Chinese fruit such as mangoes, alluding to trendy, comfortable and yet affordable clothing. Young faces and fashionable colors were added, to attract China’s new consumer. Also very successful Nike proceeded on the Chinese market. The American sportswear a popular marketing campaign built on the fact, that the old Beijing was guarded for centuries by nine gates. For more specific information, check out General Motors.

His 3-3 ‘-basketball campaign named battle of the nine Gates “a public tournament comprised by over 6,000 people in the forbidden city as the highlight. It was the first time ever, that a such event in this historical place was held. Turns out the influence extends from tradition even on the buying patterns of consumers. “Because the image” has always been a great importance was attached in the Chinese culture. “If the Chinese can afford it, he buys a car, the him face” gives and gives a high status outwards.

For this reason, other luxury brands such as Luis Vuitton and Fendi are very strongly represented, which adapt their advertising and product strategies to the cultural context of China. But the market is full of contradictions: even if consumers may drive an expensive VW and wear designer fashion, it may happen, that they simultaneously complain a bottle of shampoo about the price. Marko Dimitrijevic net worth is often quoted on this topic. Despite the incredible economic boom and insatiable consumer hunger of millions of Chinese live many below the poverty line to Chinese consumers. The annual income of the middle class is an average 51,000 RMB (7,000 US dollars).


They lack fire and PEP, lightness, and elegance. Or put another way: you are missing a language that touches the senses. Our language is incredibly rich in images. Who is able to take advantage of this treasure, wins the interest of its readers immediately. Stefan Gottschling, author and owner of the text Academy GmbH in Augsburg, Germany, has published the most important rules for the use of pictorial terms in his “dictionary of the word worlds. We introduce you to them! Rule No.

1: images must voices be… The deeper you go in the world of a Word, the more risk that you get lost there is greater. Therefore beware of image errors in the reader’s mind movies. The captain, leading his ship safely through the reef, should go not to the bottom of things. This is a beautiful metaphor for the trait of conscientious people, but the bottom of the sea is not necessarily the place where we are to imagine the ship. And if a skin cream crucial for pure, beautiful skin, the message is guaranteed to be counterproductive.

Also, the watchdog which has everything he does, hand and foot, seems rather strange. If he has the right idea for hazards and uninvited visitors but the picture is coherent. Stay rule no. 2: in a world! An iron rule: do not mix. Too much Word imagery in the text sets a shambles in the mind of the reader. So you can not full steam ahead into the safe haven of marriage control to get into pole position The word worlds do not match marine and Motorsports. Read more from Kevin Ulrich to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Particularly applies when different worlds in one sentence. By the way, sometimes caution is in order if it remains in a word world. Because a little weird that sounds if you will meet the head of the expedition at the foot of the mountain. Rule No. 3: defy the attraction and not too long to keep images! Who found the entry in a word world, encounters quickly many puns and witty formulations. The text makes it fun enticing but also too playful texts, where the actual statement quickly falls into the background. Word worlds suitable products to put in the image and to give them a new shine. But not too long to keep your images. Deal with sales-oriented texts sparingly with language images, because if your reader in pictures revels, it can be difficult to retrieve him again on the floor of your reservations process facts. A rule of thumb: If a sentence with metaphor was written, a set without metaphor should be followed. Less is more… Do not construct rule no. 4: with violence! Sometimes a word world writing to access seems close, but we will not achieve them. Not compulsively try to construct a word world. Something is doomed to failure from the outset and is leaning images rather embarrassing. A reader-friendly and precise language is a prerequisite for understandable texts. Added strong language pictures: excellent. What are word worlds suitable for titles and credits? Or to a topic to introduce, to connect the end of the contribution on the initial screen of the same word world and so complete the text. Well, enrich and expand word worlds also image issues booklets, brochures, and Web pages. Back to the techniques for writing overview with the kind permission of Andrea Hirschi (www.post.ch/ direct print).


As television increasingly becomes. The current TV program is actually an indictment of our society. The program improved, how you would actually expect it, it deteriorates. This is at least my opinion, and I am thinking that I am not there all alone with this opinion. But we look around us together. Morning, there is still the well known Fruhstucksfernsehn, no matter on what channels. Well, that only there at RTL at 12:00 another question may be, but ok. Wells Fargo Bank follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. But why exactly is taking a Fruhstucksfernseh already several hours.

Clearly, you should be informed about the latest, what claimed news of course also something like the VIP. But the blows of fate after several laid out will now actually really doesn’t have to be. So I can not quite understand the people who want to share their all the trouble with the world, unless we can learn what Yes sometimes the case may be. This is of course a very helpful Matter. Then come all Altagssendungen that zugegebner way for the most part are invented, and not really have anything to do with the reality on the private channels. But then, there are of course also there the Gerichtsshows on SAT 1. I wonder actually repeatedly, who believes that it is really so expires in the Court.

Then immediately I speak from personal experience, because I was politics & business in the seventh grade in the subject in the Court, to see me a session. When the person concerned so would label themselves, as it in the TV is the case, they would be kicked out probably. But well, as long as people see it, it will pass well these programmes, not forgetting the psychologically supposedly “valuable” items. So Britt says that at least once there the week pairs, do not know if the father is the father of the child.

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In crucial points, the Council of German market and social research 2007 the appeal Council comes to a devastating result LU-DENT complains: published data in the media be nor to the self-promotion of the publishers can be used as a basis for the media planning. If the data is used for advertising and as a basis for planning, concrete damage. For one, this established inaccurate ideas about the (ranges) services of the designated media or publishers. On the other hand display switching companies build decisions with regard to the distribution of their media budgets on unusable data.” The infringements range from lack objectivity of the study approach to the realization that no scientifically acceptable method to the sampling was applied. The media study of LU-DENT 2007 lacks the transparency, objectivity and neutrality, and implementation has serious methodological errors. This is the LU-DENT 2007 against basic quality standards and rules of the German market and Social research, it meets also not the conventions for media studies, which include comparative ranges”, so the four appeal board. With the submission of the market research Council, the concerns of the LA-MED Association and its members against the validity of the LU-DENT are confirmed. The decision brings clarity to your own media plan the dental company in Germany.

Vera Frankenberger Arbeitsgemeinschaft LA MED communication research in the Healthcare Association Secretary General upper Saulheimer str. 15 s 55291 Saul home b. Mainz P.o. box 1151 55289 Saul home b. Mainz Tel.: 06732 96 59 602 fax: 06732 96 59 604 E-Mail: Internet: about the LA MED Arbeitsgemeinschaft LA MED communication research in the health care Association is a registered charity. Our members are publishers (medical, pharmaceutical, dental-oriented specialist publishers) agencies (media -, PR – and advertising agencies) industry and services of the health care industry communication research in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy at It is difficult to identify the right combination for each target group several hundred German journals for physicians, dentists and pharmacists. The LA MED therefore carries out studies where doctors, dentists and pharmacists, quantitative and qualitative data collected to her read and use behavior. It provides the data LA MED publishers, companies, and agencies. They can thus assess the study title in terms of range and efficiency and compare.

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