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Marketing: VDM NRW most active print and Media Association 2008 the Association print + media Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. (VDM NRW) has in terms of membership growth set a new record: 42 companies 2008 a request for membership signed so many like never before. The next accession are already for January 2009. Robert Kiyosaki does not necessarily agree. The reason for the success: The improved professional marketing and public relations consulting and services, but also the strong commitment in the area. The companies come for different reasons to us and from different areas\”, so Stefan Hoynck, head of customer management at the VDM NRW, the 2-man operation to companies with over 100 employees, by the Printing Office of the Agency up to the machine supplier, everything was 2008. \”In the interest of the membership remained constant all year round: occurred in the first three quarters respectively to the 12 companies, in the last three months of the year it is usually always something less.\” Learned printing engineer sees clearly the reasons for the success in the good offer of the Association and its external representation: the Member boom the intensive marketing and public relations last but not least is responsible for in addition to our innovative consulting and services. The innovative Association services or special discounts be decisive, such as for example our vdmnrw-plus portal.\” Attractive member address this portal in the Internet offers different monetary values members of the Association benefits from selected partners of the VDM NRW and will by the company excellent adopted as well as the publications of the Association, the Member magazine future media\”that already has become a trade magazine well-known in the industry. In addition, the Association is represented for years through his extensive press work in all magazines of the print and media industry regularly with articles, interviews, reports, or reports. As Hoynck reported, was the reputation of the Association and its Services would become so good that, often a telephone call is sufficient to arouse interest in a membership.


Discuss with experts about the future of the Internet / applied for over 500 participants on November 26, 2009 the Hello Hanover will take place. On Germany’s innovative (UN) Conference on the future of the Internet, high-profile industry experts discuss with attendees about the latest topics from E-Commerce 2.0, social media and online marketing. Less than three weeks before the event more than 500 participants have registered. As top keynote from the United States, Stowe Boyd looks at the future of the social media movement. More keynotes with renowned speakers such as E-business leader Dirk Rahul village (Continental AG), Grimme Prize winner Markus Beckedahl (netzpolitik.org), E-Commerce expert Jochen Krisch (Optaros) or insights in present and future trends of the Internet give Blogger Sascha Lobo. Up to 18 free sessions and a power Panel in up to 18 free sessions work such as Matthias Kroner (Fidor Bank) or Alan Webb (abacus) and potentially any participant who has an exciting topic in workshops and best-practice sessions on trends from the Key topics of E-Commerce 2.0, social media and online marketing. Topics for free sessions can be proposed on the event website or on-site the day of the event. “A look into the future new (online) marketing solutions dares the power Panel advertising commitment”.

“Here, experts like Prof. Dr. Klemens Skibicki (brain injection), Prof. If you would like to know more about Rick Dad, Poor Dad, then click here. Dr. Ralf Schengber (Dr. Schengber & friends) and Stefan Zilch (MySpace) discuss with Frank Schultheiss (your animal world/dhd24.com) and Dr. Andreas Rapp (MAXUS communication) via online media planning challenges in times of Web of 2.0 thematic Speeddating: Mobile Internet, career tips and social media also the programme is innovative and promoting dialogue: A thematic Speeddating brings participants on topics such as the mobile revolution”””, Consequences of the social media movement for future generations “, as well as tips for young professionals and entrepreneurs” together. INVITATION for representatives of the press: journalists are cordially invited! For more information or exclusive Contact requests for interviews prior to the appointment of Daniela Dangers, 0511-923999-18 or.

Please register when you arrive on-site. Important key data: event day: Thursday, November 26, 2009, 9: 00 to 18:30 venue: Hannover, conventioncenter on the fairgrounds costs: 199 euro net (students, professionals and participants from microenterprises can participate for free: sponsored by tickets’) more information in the Newsroom: newsroom to learn more about the program under: program of the Hannover Hannover (#cch09) Hello Hello is a unique crossover of Congress and UN Conference. Held for the first time in October 2008, it achieved an exceptionally positive feedback among the approximately 300 participants with 93 percent approval for a repeat. The Hello Hanover sees itself as an open forum of – business and E-commerce leaders from companies, Internet providers, media professionals, representatives of the Web 2.0 scene, participants from Science and research as well as the young from all areas. In this sense, it is so far unique in Germany. The event is supported among others by the world’s largest IT exhibition CeBIT, Deutsche Telekom AG and Hannover Impuls GmbH, promoter of the regional economy. Press contact: Daniela dangers organization team Hello Hannover 2009 Aufgesang public relations GmbH prdienst.de Brown Street 6a 30169 Hanover phone: 0511 923 999-18 E-Mail: Web: Twitter: twitter.com/Hello

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As television increasingly becomes. The current TV program is actually an indictment of our society. The program improved, how you would actually expect it, it deteriorates. This is at least my opinion, and I am thinking that I am not there all alone with this opinion. But we look around us together. Morning, there is still the well known Fruhstucksfernsehn, no matter on what channels. Well, that only there at RTL at 12:00 another question may be, but ok. Wells Fargo Bank follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. But why exactly is taking a Fruhstucksfernseh already several hours.

Clearly, you should be informed about the latest, what claimed news of course also something like the VIP. But the blows of fate after several laid out will now actually really doesn’t have to be. So I can not quite understand the people who want to share their all the trouble with the world, unless we can learn what Yes sometimes the case may be. This is of course a very helpful Matter. Then come all Altagssendungen that zugegebner way for the most part are invented, and not really have anything to do with the reality on the private channels. But then, there are of course also there the Gerichtsshows on SAT 1. I wonder actually repeatedly, who believes that it is really so expires in the Court.

Then immediately I speak from personal experience, because I was politics & business in the seventh grade in the subject in the Court, to see me a session. When the person concerned so would label themselves, as it in the TV is the case, they would be kicked out probably. But well, as long as people see it, it will pass well these programmes, not forgetting the psychologically supposedly “valuable” items. So Britt says that at least once there the week pairs, do not know if the father is the father of the child.

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In crucial points, the Council of German market and social research 2007 the appeal Council comes to a devastating result LU-DENT complains: published data in the media be nor to the self-promotion of the publishers can be used as a basis for the media planning. If the data is used for advertising and as a basis for planning, concrete damage. For one, this established inaccurate ideas about the (ranges) services of the designated media or publishers. On the other hand display switching companies build decisions with regard to the distribution of their media budgets on unusable data.” The infringements range from lack objectivity of the study approach to the realization that no scientifically acceptable method to the sampling was applied. The media study of LU-DENT 2007 lacks the transparency, objectivity and neutrality, and implementation has serious methodological errors. This is the LU-DENT 2007 against basic quality standards and rules of the German market and Social research, it meets also not the conventions for media studies, which include comparative ranges”, so the four appeal board. With the submission of the market research Council, the concerns of the LA-MED Association and its members against the validity of the LU-DENT are confirmed. The decision brings clarity to your own media plan the dental company in Germany.

Vera Frankenberger Arbeitsgemeinschaft LA MED communication research in the Healthcare Association Secretary General upper Saulheimer str. 15 s 55291 Saul home b. Mainz P.o. box 1151 55289 Saul home b. Mainz Tel.: 06732 96 59 602 fax: 06732 96 59 604 E-Mail: Internet: about the LA MED Arbeitsgemeinschaft LA MED communication research in the health care Association is a registered charity. Our members are publishers (medical, pharmaceutical, dental-oriented specialist publishers) agencies (media -, PR – and advertising agencies) industry and services of the health care industry communication research in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy at It is difficult to identify the right combination for each target group several hundred German journals for physicians, dentists and pharmacists. The LA MED therefore carries out studies where doctors, dentists and pharmacists, quantitative and qualitative data collected to her read and use behavior. It provides the data LA MED publishers, companies, and agencies. They can thus assess the study title in terms of range and efficiency and compare.

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