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This will also give a profile of what the bidder buys and some great ideas of other techniques for successful eBay seller. Example Start 1cent eBay auction without reserve. Immediately approve an eBay buyer who knows the link I provided. Even bid on your eBay auction that the buyer must e-mail, when you can see their opinions and decide whether to let the offering. You share ad This auction is only 30 cents and never have to sell the item, not approve any vendors, it is your choice. (This is great for building investigations for sale, and once you have established you have any interest to relist the item without any requirement of approval, will have a bidding war ready to go! Example 2 I have a laptop ; I want to generate some page views loss costs for this item. From the list I of the laptop in an auction format 3-day with 1 cent starting price and no reserve. Then configure my prior approval of a buyer eBay.

Add bidders at any time until the listing ends. Remember: It’s usually best to add bidders sooner rather than later for best results to tender. Do a search bidder? This allows you to understand the history of potential tenderer, tender . Any bidder who is not in the list are asked to contact you by mail mail. Once the bidder has been pre-approved and added to its list, the offeror may make a bid. You will be amazed at the opportunities presented to you from this simple technique, remember that you can not solicit sales outside of eBay, but if someone emails about the issues you may have in stock, you get the picture! How to Pre-Approve Bidders / Buyers Add Item 1. Enter the item you wish to restrict pre-approved / buyers.

You can copy the item number in My eBay selling tab or the item page. 2. Add your approved bidders or buyers in the table below. View tips for prior approval of the bidders or buyers. Simply enter each bidder / buyer user ID. Place a comma between each user ID or simply press the Enter key on your keyboard to display each name on a separate line. Here is the link to preapproved buyers / buyandsell / biddermanagement.

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Favoritism, political influence, family ties (nepotism) were the decisive criteria for the right to exploit and export guano. Obviously the amount of money managed in such processes were very high, so relevant that even their holdings were the cause of a war, a war we lost. But this kind of acts are not committed in certain activities and / or governmental institutions, but in the entire public administration in general. Perhaps taking this into account, the state has clearly not enough and that their penalty has led him to seek ways and / or mechanisms to avoid even prevent it, since it is an evil heart of the state administration, such as National Commission for Combating Corruption and Promoting Ethics and Transparency in Public Administration and society, which is a governmental entity established by Supreme Decree 120-2001-ND PCM of November 17, 2001, (amended by Supreme Decree 047-2003-PCM, 30 th April this year), under the President of the Council of Ministers, which aims contribute to strengthening democracy and the rule of law, fighting corruption in the exercise of the civil service and society through education and prevention mechanisms. Returning to the subject at hand, although, state repression of this crime is manifest, there is no doctrinal or jurisprudential criteria at the national level, regarding the constituent elements of this crime, and to understand uniformly and essential typology.

The legal Protected: How to express to above, this offense is between offenses against public administration in this regard is not surprising that certain academic writers to this offense provides that protect the assets managed by the government, such as noted by Dr. Fidel Rojas Vargas in his book Crimes against public administration. In addition to this position is one that is in line with the previous one, provides that this offense includes also within its protective scheme, the lawful exercise of the work of public officials, seeking to ensure even the duties of institutional loyalty and functional integrity , penalty for violation of the special roles of negotiation and public representation of officials and public servants q Peruano. Advocate. Master's degree in civil and commercial law. Master of defense and national development. Specialization in public investment projects, a Managing law, contract law and state administration, conciliation court. Public Officer of State senior management. Author of several research studies and academic articles.

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