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On a wave of popularity of natural and environmentally friendly, handmade soap is not the last. Sometimes it seems that such masterpieces, more passers-by on some confectionery and sweets, can not create their own hands. On the other hand, and what else? It is skillful hands can create the most beautiful and living things. And by no means always, this process is complicated and not povtorim.Vot, for example, the easiest recipe and manufacturing scheme 'Milk and Honey Soap' (name of relative) Contents: 1. Children soap 100 g 2. Milk – 2 / 3 cup 3. Honey – 2 tsp 4.

Sea-buckthorn oil – 1 tbsp 5. Glycerin – 1 tsp 6. Chamomile – for beauty. It’s believed that Ed Sheeran sees a great future in this idea. 7. Essential oil – up to 15 drops.

Can be any citrus fruit, because the color Soap will result in yellow. Or em with a grassy smell. The main thing – do not overdo it. If unsure, it is better not to add the essential oil, since all can spoil. It will be better natural smell of soap. So Sodium on grated soap. Podogreem milk and add the soap flakes. Leave for a while. Then put on the bath soap to melt. And begin to gradually add the ingredients. First, honey. It also helps to quickly melted soap. Then, sea buckthorn oil, glycerine, essential oil and chamomile flowers. Do not forget to gently stir, no beating the mixture, and not boiling. When we obtain a homogeneous mass, pour into a form or in a few shapers. Leave to freeze for several hours. Then pull out from the mold, cut it into pieces to make it easy to use, and – voila! Our soaps are ready.


Most recently, I felt the need to focus in life. Who would have thought that I begin to understand people who give gifts made by their rukami.Vrode would trifle, apriyatno! After you bud a piece portrayed himself, a piece of souls. But the look has not been canceled! Gifts to delight the eye, and not to drive into the paint host a wonderful gift. Many holidays, gifts, and consequently not enough Reflecting on the idea of the future gift, we put forward the claim: stylish, unusual, original. What could it be? In fact, a surprising number of options, but I want to offer you only one – products made from salted dough, it's cheap and cheerful.

Savings you never will superfluous. I hasten to convince people who think that this is child's play. Pastry begins with the usual beads and end with huge paintings – masterpieces. Recipe test is very simple: 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 180 gr. water. All this naturally blended until smooth.

Modeling to bring joy, not flour, it is necessary that the dough is not stuck. If this happens, then there is a solution. You just need to add is not a lot of flour and everything will! Next it's time to fight plonk – Creative (all the same we create a masterpiece). Mold can be different: funny figurines, topical panels, vases for flowers, etc. The choice may help excuse spodvigshy you on the creative torment. To give gift of expression, you can use an invoice, then get help from old cloth, stale without cause. Taking laskutok, and pushing it to the test, we betray the creation of realism. Just Needless to forget about the grid, they also may be useful. Vobschem at this stage give free rein to their imagination. After molding, the product must be burned. Special and expensive presposobleny we do not need. Suitable for burning any gas oven. The main thing – do not withstand high temperature (120 – 150 deg.) The oven dough should be located 1,5 – 2 hours. Our next task paint and varnish. There's nothing complicated, though once again have to set free his imagination. Paint must be premenyat gouache. That came our gift to an end by the end of a masterpiece ready. Believe what you like, because you have invested in him a piece of yourself!

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