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A little more efficient is healthful to eat a small amount on a regular base to maintain their colon working. Like an additional bond, they are full of vitamins, that ideal for the general health does of its digestive system. OTHERS BENEFITS DIGESTIVE OF PLUMS Besides helping in the digestion, the plums also are high in fiber. This aid adds to additional volume and water to the residues matter that him aid to move through body with facility. The insoluble fiber also provides the food for the beneficial bacteria that live in the heavy intestine.

When the bacteria ferment the fiber, the butyric acid is created. This serves like ” combustible” for the cells in the heavy intestine and aid to maintain its replacement. TO RESIST CONSTIPATION WITH SPECIAL PRESCRIPTIONS If you suffer of constipation, is a pair of prescriptions that can consider to try. , By all means single they are possible to be eaten without format, but you pass current, are a little too dry for its taste, they are possible to be soaked in hot water during awhile and they would swell themselves. If you are not wanted them to eat simple, you can prove a delicious jam of fruits in his place. And it is easy to do.

First, you need the following ingredients: 1 pound of plums cooked without bone 1 pound of grapes you happen Four packages 3 ounces of natural tea of the leaves 1 brown sugar cup 1 cup of lemon juice consults the prescription of the fermentation of the tea during five minutes in 3 boiling water cups. Later, forza the water to clear the leaves and to leave of side two tea cups in a great pot. Next, it adds you pass and cooked plums to his tea and hiervelos through five minutes. It retires the mixture of the fire and adds to the sugar and the lemon juice. It places everything in a mixer and it mixes until it is grazes smooth. Now that its diffusion this done, colocalo in a plastic or glass container and places it in the freezer. It would not be congealed, but putting it in the freezer it will help to stay him around during long time. This way, it can use it whenever it is necessary or if it is possible to be scattered on cakes or toasts in the morning or when you want a tea to help to prevent the constipation. Cooked plums offer many benefits. So to add to his normal diet and you must discover his intestinal movements getting to be more regular. From then, their buds of constipation happen with less frequency. or they do not ocurriran! Dietetic supplements Another method to eliminate the constipation is atra time of the natural supplements. The cleaning of colon with Oxy-Powder can help to maintain the estreimineto moved away of a safe and completely effective way. Oxy-Powder loose bombitas of I oxygenate the colon inside that washes and decontaminates the remainder law of the colon. One whichever capsules before sleeping is everything what needs.