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Let me share with you all a very interesting topic to us by the author Robert Greene, in his book entitled THE STRATEGY 33 S DE LA GUERRA, which analyzed a targeted approach to address the social and business challenges of today. This book examines the various strategies to be used to meet the challenges before us, in order to run our operations effectively to repel aggression and to anticipate the opponent’s movements, as well as take advantage of certain situations and identify the traps that we tend opponent. In his book, Robert Green shows us that the first battle that we face is the internal enemy, as the main obstacle to deal with difficult situations, unpleasant and destructive relationships is in yourself and if you are not able to distinguish between friends and enemies will be the only ones responsible. Also talk to us that there are external enemies, which are also necessary to build a support base, said that should polarize people and get along with the others if it is an important skill also involves risks to always seek the least resistance, so it is better to adopt the stance of a fighter surrounded by enemies not bothering to alienate some people, because the more lasting popularity is through the victory, overcoming the desire to be appreciated and searching their main point. One of the limitations of individuals and nations is the inability to restrain the reality, of seeing things as they are, as we grow older we increasingly clinging to the past, we overcome the habit in order to protect us from reality so it is important to understand that past successes do not necessarily continue in the future and instead may be the biggest obstacle, one must understand that every battle and every war is different and you should never assume that what worked before also work today. It must release the past and open our eyes to this and that to persist in the last war may lead you to your last war.

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