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A business plan take over business from the very beginning of responsibility for business and life gives information about whether a self-employment is success promising or not. In addition to the actual idea of especially the market analysis and the financial basis are documented. All too often, the necessary work-life balance is left but ignore. The contractor due to a too high loading fails however, is independence at risk. This know to report the business coach Caren Lady cliente business coaching & consulting company il. It has integrated this important aspect in your advice. Also, the Professional Association for health services and welfare services (BGW) in your current Edition 01/2010 their BGW releases “this topic took up.

Here it is: mental stress can become a trap that is difficult to overcome and permanently affect health but do not need it. Both on the personal and at the operational level there are ways Loads to avoid or to deal with them.”most young entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with the own life balance taking into account and simply uninformed,” explains the Managing Director Dirk-Oliver Lange company LifeB consulting in Hamburg. The physical and psychological limits are ignored completely. Only the business is paramount. Important social contacts and a physical and mental balance are neglected. The episode: State exhaustion Burnout – depression. Only at this stage, many entrepreneurs recognize how significant is the economic success to the own health. Taking into account the entire labour market the Bertelsmann Foundation 2009 in their health monitor, noted that a third complains of wage earners are about mental stress.

It cannot be overlooked that the requirements are higher today than a few years ago. Apply flexibility and adaptability, effective time management, as well as organizational and communication skills often as a matter of course. The advice and support of clients on the subject of life balance is very complex and time consuming. Therefore, Caren Lady by il has cliente for a cooperation with the company decided LifeB consulting. As the dual coaching, young entrepreneurs and clients in change processes optimally over a long-term successful self-employment will be informed.