Parameters One of the important parameters – the maximum distance between the centers, that is the maximum length of the workpiece. It gives information about the size of the machine and what things it can do. Often This value, expressed in millimeters, is a marking of the model. For example, the maximum length of the processing machine – 25 cm, then it will be interesting to modelers and manufacturers of gift items. Height of centers over bed and maximum distance from the axis of rotation podruchnika determine the maximum diameter of the workpiece.

If you use a copier or a support this option is usually less important. Power consumption in wood lathe is small compared with many other stationary power tools, but it is quite sufficient for the task. Virtually all modern lathes speed varies. The traditional method of adjustment – a permutation of the belt in the gearbox to the driving and driven pulley of the diameters. This is usually done manually, and sometimes – Handed down to the front of the lever. Another common method of electronic control, which is often used in tandem with the rearrangement of the belt. This option allows more flexible adjustment of the machine. Control the frequency of rotation is very important for the woodworking industry, as it allows to adapt the machine to work with the procurement of a certain diameter and with the required accuracy.

The typical range of speeds – from 500 to 2500 rev / min. Attachment to the spindle by means of set screw connection or conical with a small angle. The last option – Morse taper, entered into use Stephen Morse in 1864. Fix the nozzle in this case