Os the abstract

Os the abstract below and I leave with a photo of some of them with their trophies (not all the awards it was delayed a lot and some had to leave): Team: Benjamin female: 3rd place (Monica Barrios) Juvenile female: 2nd place (Marta Gutierrez and Patricia Barrios) Female child: 2nd place (Pinar Sanz and Irene Diez) Cadet Women: 3rd place (Adara Miller) In men’s category have participated Edi (8th) and Paul (7th). Missing kids to form teams that can compete with Daemons, Canoe, etc. It is impossible to get going so few prizes. The last test, Final Round, will be May 31 at Casa de Campo, where there will be a aquathlon. Soon we will post the individual classifications (provisional) for points in each category. ! Mood and everyone to participate