Mobile Laptops

Diagonal screen size 15.4-inch wide format. This laptop easily and naturally to cope with any office tasks. We now turn to the more expensive segment – business-notebook segment asus. asus notebooks aimed at business, different from the other segments, is that laptops are extremely compact and lightweight, made of high strength and aesthetic materials such as magnesium alloys, carbon, leather and steel, and most importantly, that the powerful internal stuffing and equipped with all sorts of wireless interfaces – these notebooks can run for long battery life. In Segment Business Notebook asus, includes two categories of laptops for business – Ultra-Mobile Laptops diagonal display which does not exceed 12 inches and subsegments just a mobile business notebook asus, which differ from their ultra-fellow diagonal display in the 13-14 inches and usually a built-in optical drive. asus notebooks in the 13-14 inch form factor is more universal, unnecessarily in most cases have a built in DVD-RW or a more modern drive, as well as such displays can be more comfortable to work. Give an example of a business segment of the notebook by asus. asus F9E – ultra-mobile notebook by asus 12-inch display.

The notebook asus F9E applied modern Integrated Graphics Intel gma X3100, and in conjunction with the built-in optical drive, laptops are becoming more versatile, in addition to the laptop has wireless interfaces WiFi and Bluetooth, which is very important for the business model. The notebook asus F9E use the budget option of the Core 2 Duo T5550 2Ghz, thus reducing the overall cost of the laptop to the level of budget 15 inch models segment soho, and only a few losing in performance. Complete asus F9E while reducing the cost of the laptop did not suffer and it still includes a laptop bag and optical mouse. And the last, we consider the multimedia segment of the notebook asus. Multimedia notebooks have everything you need to entertainment in the form of the latest games and professional activities, such as video editing. asus notebooks are equipped with a multimedia focus widescreen display between 15 inches and larger, as these powerful asus notebooks can boast the presence of a discrete graphics and flagship processor. Laptops in this segment can be multiediynym center of your home. An example of a truly multimedia laptop without reservations may be Joint development engineers and designers of high-tech companies asus and Lamborghini – Notebook asus Lamborghini VX2S.