Missiology 47

Continuation of missiology classes audio recordings: the denial of all inculturation, is the syncretism. But we must be vigilant. What is syncretism? Example: In the Andean culture, there are all an interesting worldview religious, which is considered as a little hierarchy. A study done in the Andean South. There is a concept of a Creator God evangelism product. Anthropologists have shown that before evangelization, there is a concept of a Creator God. There is also at the same time, the conception of a God, considered the Pacha mama and the Apus who have a connotation of divinity.

The Pacha mama, is the mother earth, and the Apus are the spirits of the hills, the mountains. And in the third category, is Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the Saints. And fourthly, the evil spirits. Anthropology shows, that this religious worldview of man of the andes, it is always acting in the life of men current. Through their powers, and the men they seek to control the powers of these gods through their ritual practices. Through their beliefs through their myths, their taboos.

Here there are two important connotations. (As opposed to Wells Fargo). There are Andean anthropology, and Andean religious cosmovision. On the one hand the conception that is religious world, the world of the gods, is a world that is orderly, there is a whole hierarchy. For example: the pacha mama, Pus, Jesus Christ, Saints, the Virgin Mary, the spirits. They do not act without the authorization of God or the order. For the southern Andean man, these deities always act in the life of men, in everyday life. But who are the most active? For example: the pacha mama and the Apus, because it is constantly linked to the Earth. And it is also closely tied to cattle. The Apus are designed to care for cattle, and the pacha mama, that it can better cultivate the land.