When I came to journalism, I obviously looked at the profession of journalism through rose-colored glasses. In the middle of the first year I realized that all my romantic enthusiasm for the chosen field has nothing to do with reality. After all, it seemed to me that the journalist – is the man who has lots of friends who constantly goes on business trips to interesting places, which may even send a "hot spot" of the planet where he can show rare courage and even die for "battle" position. All this, of course, takes place in the work of journalists. But not all. Most of the "workers' pen and a microphone" and sits in a lifetime zanyuhannoy tabloid or on local radio, describing the delights of collective farm life or making up interviews with all employees of a local factory in a row crafts. It's sad, but I studied five years with a firm sense of what I have after graduation so just a foot in journalism. Another added a fly in my sweet and so is not a barrel of honey (by the way, honey, I hate), our teachers.

Not that they were bad people. On the contrary, many of them genuinely love their profession and very trying to convey to our students even booby-drop of his extensive knowledge. But the problem is that most of this knowledge is hopelessly outdated. We are very actively studied the history of ancient and medieval literature, especially the press early 20th century and during the Second World War.